From time to time, a company so graciously offers me the opportunity to try their product or website by providing a free sample in exchange for posting an honest  review.  If you see a link that looks like the above SAMPLE in the beginning or end of a review post that means I've received a free sample from the company in exchange for a review, no compensation.  If you do not see the SAMPLE link in a review post, I have purchased it with my own money. 

Please know that I post my honest opinion and and will only state my own, true experience with the product.  Things that I love, someone else may not, and things that work for me may not work for others.  I just hope that by sharing my opinion it may help someone else.  

There are some instances in which I may include affiliate links in which I would receive a commission if you were to make a purchase through the retailers link.  The retailer pays the commission and it does not effect the price or purchase of your product.  I only use affiliate links to retailers/products that are quality brands/products that I believe in, and you will see  AFFILIATE at the top or bottom of the post so that you know that one or more are affiliate links.  

Brands will sometimes offer compensation to create posts or giveaways.    I do not do product reviews for compensation.  

Sometimes there are sponsored giveaways in which prizes are given as compensation.
If I create a sponsored post  you will find a SPONSORED link at the beginning or end of my post.

Thanks for reading! 

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