About Me

I am a licensed Managing Esthetician working for a local Dermatologist and doing some freelance makeup. I also do bookkeeping and office management for our family business.

Keen on my crazy little girls, coffee, pretty things, MAKEUP, family, friends, my career  and blogging.  (In no particular order)

On this little blog of mine I like to do makeup tutorials, product reviews, talk beauty-  fashion-style-food-life etc.  I like to create pretty things and share them so you can make pretty things too.
My reviews are honest, and all my own opinion.  I'll be sure to let you know if an item 
has been provided for free and that will not sway my honesty.

I'd be happy to answer any inquiries about freelancing, makeup artistry, skincare, small business management, etc. Just send me an email!

     This blog is friendly with PR and other bloggers so drop me a line if you want at:



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