Monday, March 24, 2014

MAC Fall 2014 Trend Forecast Lip Palette

MAC's Fall 14 Trend Forecast lip palette is a culmination of the most popular color trends found world wide during the most recent Fashion Week.  It's a limited edition palette available online and at Pro stores, featuring six beautiful frosted and amplified lip colors.  Check it out…

There are three frosted (left column), and three amplified (right column) shades.  The left column consists of:

  • Close to You- frosted warm beige
  • Coquettish- frosted muted sand
  • Dusty Mauve- frosted pale neutral pink
The right side has:
  • Devil Red- bright coral orange
  • Crushed Cranberry- brownish red
  • Boysenberry- violet purple

Overall, I love the beautiful shades in this lip palette!  My favorites are Boysenberry and Crushed Cranberry.  The frosted colors need some building to really see the pigments, but I think they're gorgeous colors to mix with other bolder hues.  Believe me, I am in no way ready for Fall as Spring has only just begun, but this Fall 14 palette will be happily be being used until then :)

You can find this palette at


  1. This palette looks really pretty

    Melissa xx

  2. Crushed cranberry looks like a great "wine stained my lips" color.

  3. This really looks perfect for fall, I've never tried a lip palette from mac may have to pick this up now!


  4. That is a gorgeous palette! Could you check out and follow my blog please

  5. Gorgeous colors, pigmentation doesn't look as strong as I expected but maybe they are buildable. I may test them out next time I'm in MAC.


  6. I am not a huge fan of frosted lipcolors but thee crushed cranberry and the boysenberry look beautiful.

  7. This palette has such a gorgeous array of colours I just wish they were all amplified finishes because that's my favourite
    The Lipstick, The Girl and Her Wardrobe

  8. I really like the range of colors in this palette! Boysenberry looks really beautiful!