Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Child of Wild Jewelry- My Current Obsession

Photo from Child of Wild Facebook page

There's something so pure and earthy about the pieces that come from Child of Wild that has me completely smitten.  They're incredibly beautiful, culturally inspired necklaces, rings, bracelets, head pieces, and accessories. It reminds me of an Indian goddess, meets Gypsy princess, and flower child all rolled in to one.  Curious yet? Check it out….
Photo from

Not only are their pieces beautiful, but their commitment to sustainability is even more so.  
"We believe that these pieces should have relevance in the world and the cultures, tribes, artists that produced them should be given credit. We are very particular with who we do business with and import from and make a huge effort to buy in a way that will sustain the culture where the pieces originated". 
Their philosophy, 
"CHILD of WILD is a brand that believes objects with past lives or cultural relevance have a depth that can be felt.  In this day of accumulating "a lot of cheap" CHILD of WILD comes from the philosophy that fewer quality possessions that speak to your soul are what makes your home and life fulfilled".

Child of Wild

Antalya Coin Collar / Hmong Vintage Flower Cuff | Child of Wild / Summer Nights Navajo Cuff | Child of Wild / Siren's Desire Chain Belt

I am so completely in love with the cuffs and big ornate coin necklaces paired with casual  pieces, so beautiful! Check out their fun site for more information.


  1. Some of those pieces are gorgeous! I'm stopping myself from looking right now or I know I'll break my spending ban!

  2. love the rings ! lovely blog :)

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