Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Covergirl Bombshell Volume Mascara by Lashblast Review

You've seen the commercials and magazine ads where Sofia Vergara is all glammed up, and the advertisement tells us how we can get the most amazing Bombshell lashes just from this mascara, blah blah blah. Then, you look closely and there's a little notation at the bottom that Sofia is wearing the Bombshell mascara and falsies.  Hmmm? Am I surprised? No! I am well aware that most ads are doctored up quite a bit to make products look as wonderful as possible by any means necessary. 

So how "Bombshell" is Covergirl's newest mascara, really? Check it out...

Covergirl is not my usual drugstore mascara go-to, I prefer the effectiveness of Maybelline, but I recently saw this at my fav local grocery store Marc's at a generous sale price of $5.99.  With my $3 off coupon, I couldn't resist testing this new ditty for a mere $2.99. Hey, I could get Bombshell lashes, right?

The Bombshell Volume mascara is a two step mascara, the first an "extreme volume base coat", and the second an "intensifying top coat". As you can see from the photo above, the wands are pretty standard.  Here's my lashes with no mascara , pre-application:

This is me applying step one after I've used a lash curler:

These are my lashes after I curled them, and applied step one.  
You can see they're a bit darker and have a tiny bit more volume than my bare lashes:

Now applying step two and making my weird applying mascara face:

Here is the final result:

To be perfectly honest, I really wasn't that happy with the final result and probably would have returned it if I had paid the retail price of $11.99-$9.99. Having gotten it on sale, I guess $2.99 is not that big of a loss to return it.  I won't be re-purchasing this, there are much better options available at that price range.

As you can see from the second final result  picture, there wasn't to much of a big, bombshell difference.  Applying this mascara to my natural lashes just made them feel stiff as a board, crunchy, and hard.  I didn't feel like it gave me much of any length or volume, and it was really hard to remove.  This mascara did not make me have Bombshell lashes, and I am pretty sure most anyone can have bombshell lashes when wearing falsies like Covergirl's ad.  I suggest passing on this one!

Have you tried this? I'd love to hear your thoughts... 


  1. This is AWESOME! I've always thought Sof had amazing lashes. Part One: Photoshop, and now I know Part Two! Thanks for sharing this bit of common knowledge.

    I've been using Cover Girl Lash Blast (orange tube) for the past few years and love it dearly. So we'll have to wait and see how Bombshell compares!

    Lastly, let me overly advertise my blog! I just started and I'm having trouble gaining recognition. I know Design Sponge wasn't built in a day but I don't know what I need to work on!

    I'd appreciate any advice, directions toward my blog, or even a follow!

    Thanks a bunch, you'll definitely see me here again!

    1. Hi Veronica! I just visited your blog and would like to follow but I don't have a Google+ account and I think thats the only follow button you have? I think you may find more people following if you add other means of following such as a GFC button, Twitter, or FB accounts for your blog. I like your blog a lot and am looking forward to reading more!

    2. That's a great suggestion! Thank you! I added email and Google Followers, so hopefully that will work in my favor.

  2. I'm glad I read your review before buying this!

  3. Looks like it did a good job not clumping the lashes together.


    1. I will give it that, there was not really any clumping but not really any other benefits :( I really wanted to like it!

  4. I almost bought this a little while ago. Now I'm glad I didn't! Almost all mascara ads have falsies in them.... I think they have recently changed the rules so that mascara companies have to make that more clear in the commercials at least.

  5. I saw you reply to a post from 2012 on a google search and I am so so glad I found your blog! I need a new mascara but definitely won't be investing in that if it comes over to England. L'Oreal is my go to, I definitely recommend it :-) Happy 2014!

  6. I was almost going to buy this mascara because of all the ads I've seen! Good thing I didn't impulse buy it so fast. Glad I found your blog and this review! :) Are there any covergirl mascaras you do love?

  7. I am so glad you reviewed this! I thought of buying it too! I hate when mascara does not come off easily!

  8. Thanks for sharing this review! I am actually running low on mascara and wanted to try a new one. This was one was top on my list but now seeing the REAL results for myself, I think I'll pass