Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Change is in the Air

Meet Me on the Brightside

You may or my not have noticed that I've been a bit design happy, and it's the second time I've changed my blog design in the last week or so. 

I promise, I completely love this new feminine floral blog look, and it soothes my Spring fever brought on by the single digit weather we've had here in Ohio. Blah!  Anyway, I won't be changing it any time soon, unless it's adding to the overall theme. 

In addition the the new design, I have a new button! Feel free to replace the old with the new, or keep the old one if you'd like.  I will also be making the blog hops a little fancier, I hope you all like :)
If you are a new follower from my blog hop and I haven't returned the follow, I am so sorry! Sometimes it's difficult keeping up with things but if you leave me a comment below I will follow you back.  Thanks for your patience/understanding.

I have also finally joined the Google+ ranks and have a new profile there.  I'd love for you to, add me to your circle?  I am still learning the ropes there so forgive me, I think that's what Google+ is about?  I'll find out soon enough. Bare with me :)

New posts to come: Lorac Pro Palette, Pixi Concealer, and more. 


  1. Love the whole layout! Its looking great :-)
    I have followed you on G+ x


    1. Thank you! I've followed you back through GFC.

  2. Your new layout is beautiful!!

  3. I love your blog and all the blog hops you host! followed ya :)

    you can follow mines @


    1. Thanks so much Wendy! I have followed you back through GFC :)

  4. your new design is awesome... love it

  5. Like the new design!! Very happy:)