Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Crown Brush HD Set

Can you even imagine 80,000 makeup brushes in one room?  Ok, they may not be technically all in one room, but that's the amount that Crown Brush manufactures in one day!  I can just imagine swimming in a room full of em, a la Scrooge McDuck style.

With 30 years in the biz, Crown Brush has set the standard for quality, affordable makeup brushes.  Their 6pc HD set is among their many champion products.  Check it out:

This vegan friendly set comes in three different color choices: purple, orange and blue.  Each set comes with a case with mirror, tweezers, and 6 synthetic bristle brushes said to be prefect for HD makeup application.  The brushes include:
  • Pro Powder brush
  • Tapered Blush brush
  • Deluxe Contour brush
  • Crease Blender brush
  • Chisel Shadow brush
  • Detailed Liner brush
What I loved about this set
The brushes being labeled is so nice because you know exactly what each is best designed to be used for.  Of course, this doesn't mean they can't be used for other purposes but I do like this feature on brushes.

The brushes worked beautifully for their intended uses and then some.  I used them for a week straight at home and they were lovely.  I like the fact that they are light, dense, had well proportioned bristle shapes, and so far no bristle shedding even after some washing.  

They are travel friendly without being mini travel sized, and are easy to tote around with the case.  I don't think I'll really ever use the mirror on the inside of the case, but it's a nice option.

What I didn't like about this set
I am a tough critic when it comes to tweezers because I use them daily at the Spa, so I know a good tweezer when I use one.  Unfortunately, the tweezers included in this set are not very good ones.  The tip is too chunky and it does't easily grab tiny hairs like a good pair does.  It takes a lot of work to get the job done and often took several attempts to pull one little stray hair.

The brushes were quite pretty with the white handles and blue tip bristles, however my makeup stained the stark white bristles after the first use.  They weren't as easy to clean as most of my other brushes.  I use Bareminerals Quick Change brush cleaning spray which is usually quick and simple, not so with these brushes.  Like I said, I just think the makeup pigments stained them because they were so white. No big deal to me but they're just not as fancy looking.  

Aside from the bad tweezers, the quality of the brushes are up there with some of my favorites. They're great brushes and I've been incorporating them daily, and will continue to do so! I'd like to get another set for my freelancing jobs! 

30 years in the business because they certainly make great brushes! They're full while still being soft and easy to manipulate, the bristle are wonderfully shaped making applications easier, and they are soft and don't have that funny smell some synthetic brushes have. Good stuff!

To get one for yourself, or for more info visit Crownbrush.com!

Thanks for reading! Have you tried these brushes? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

 Disclosure: A sample was provided for review purposes, doesn't effect my honest opinion presented in this post


  1. I think the staining of the white bristles alone is enough to keep me from getting these. I don't mind if a brown brush stains a bit but that would drive me crazy! Also I like the new layout :)


  2. I think these looks nice, the case is nice so are the colors and if they work well then that's all that matters.


  3. I got these from iFabbo too! Loving them so far, but haven't tried the tweezers yet. I already have a pair that I love, so I may not use these!


  4. These brushes are so cute before they have been used; it's a shame they stain easily! I really want to try crown brushes now though! I see them on sale sometimes on Hautelook and wasn't really sure about them, but your review convinced me! Maybe I'll go with darker bristles

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