Monday, November 18, 2013

A Few of My Favorite Websites For Inspiring & Creating Blog Posts

I would like to share a few of my favorite go-to websites that I use when creating blog posts,  or when I am looking for a little inspiration.  They're fun, easy to use, and make blog posts more interesting and exciting to read. 
Check them out…
#1 My most used favorite website for creating blog posts is…..

Not only do I make creations like the heart cut-out web fav photo above, but I just Santa'fied myself for the heck of it for you all to see the many, many things you can do with this free online photo editor.  All of my borders, text, or fancy effects is done using this awesome site. Photoshop can be very difficult, so I prefer this super fast, easy site to make my photos really stand out.

There are some photo effects/features called "Royale", that you do need to have a membership in order to use. They offer monthly or annual plans that are pretty inexpensive, but there are tons of free items available to use at your leisure, which is what I do.  It's super easy and super fun! You can also make collages and other fun things.

#2 My next web favorite for creating and inspiring blog posts is…..

Under the Mistle Toe

I created this, and few other "sets" with the Polyvore create feature.  With Polyvore you can shop or  discover just about everything beauty, fashion, home and anything in between.  You can also create "sets" which are basically collages using their database of crisp, clean photos of thousands of products, or you can even upload your own.  I haven't made sets recently but just browsing has given me inspiration for posts and even outfits.  

Polyvore is so amazing, you just have to see for yourself. They even host contests where you can make themed sets and submit for entry to win awesome prizes.  You're about to be addicted! Find me, KrisBrightside.

#3 This next site brings plenty of beauty blogging inspiration…
Photo from
It's literally, all things beauty! There are community message boards, tutorials, shops, photos, tips, tricks, reviews, and just enough to make your head spin.  It's great to peruse when you just can't think of anything interesting to write about.  You'll find a good topic here!

#4 The last site I am going to share, I love for resources and inspiration…..
Photo from
The Blog Stylist is an invaluable site for new bloggers, and even veteran bloggers looking for some help or inspiration. The author Bree, has posts explaining everything from, "what is html?", to "blogger glossary: A to Z of need to know terms".  

She shares themes, resources, ideas for blog posts, events, and  all the ins and outs of web building and blogging that she has learned from her day job as a producer, writer, editor, and communications consultant.  She knows her stuff! 

Thanks for reading! I hope that you get plenty of use from these fabulous sites!  I'd love to hear your thoughts! What are some of your favorites sites for inspiration and creating posts?


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