Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Perfect Holiday Pout with Vintage Lip Tar

Christmas has already hit the stores and I've already experienced snow this month, so why not discuss the most amazing deep burgundy lip color you can wear for upcoming Fall and Winter festivities.  

I purchased Lip Tar in Vintage with a set about a year ago, check it out : Pros Picks Lip Tar Set.  It's made by OCC cosmetics which is a professional 100% vegan and cruelty free brand first made popular by their amazing pigments.  It's been carried in Sephora for about a year now, and has an ever growing popularity for their Lip Tars and polishes.  They now retail at $18 each, but one tube lasts FOREVER!!! 

Lip Tars are a combo of an opaque gloss with a long wear lipstick.  They come in small tubes and now mini tubes, and most have their precision lip brush or mini included.  The colors are so vibrant and it go on smooth like a liquid gloss, but dry into a long wear matte finish.  I have never experienced a lip produce quite like it and I completely love them!  The wear, color, and saturation are amazing!

There are a few warnings I must mention:

  1. A little bit goes a long way! The tiniest amount can cover a full lip
  2. They can be messy so be careful not too squeeze too much from the tube
  3. They're highly pigmented colors, so if you get it on hands, brushes, face, it can be a pain in the butt the scrub off and may stain for a few hours.
  4. Best stored in a small ziploc by itself if you take it anywhere
Application tips:

  • Wear alone on bare lips (no product) for most opaque color pay off
  • Line lips first with the precision lip brush and small amount of lip tar,  then fill
  • Wear small dab of lip tar with gloss for more of a sheer look
  • After applying go back around lip with concealer to set so color wont bleed

We all like to feel dazzling at holiday parties, and you certainly will with the beautiful deep burgundy that is OCC's Vintage Lip Tar. Check out the OCC website for more info,  to purchase, or to check out more products.  I see that they now have new metallic lip tars, and I squealed like a little girl :)

In addition to the Vintage lip tar, this look was also created with the products below:

Have you tried this Lip Tar or any other? I'd love to hear your thoughts...


  1. Very nice color, I think I will get some of these at IMATS.

  2. I really like that colour and it looks great on you! I have been dying to try lip tars for a while now.