Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Nubar Nail Polish Alter Ego Collection

Since I started as an Esthetician in a Spa about a year ago, I haven't been able to be as fancy as I'd been in the past with my nails.  I used to stamp, decorate, grow them long and paint them at least three different colors a week, well not anymore!  I have to have short nails to give facials of course, so I gave up my beloved glitz and glam nails for short, sometimes polished everyday nails.  Sigh! 

That doesn't mean every once and a while I won't break out the bling.  Nubar nail polish is a formaldehyde, toluene, DBP free polish that provides a healthy nail care experience.  They recently launched their newest collection, Alter Ego,  full of 3-D Glitter Top Coats.  Here are the four I was able to try out....

They were everything a glitter polish should be and more! Unfortunately, I can't swatch them on my nails for you to see :(  My nails look terrible from peeling off the gel nails I had on for my wedding. I went back to work right away and couldn't have long nails, so I had no time and had to pop them off.  Tisk, tisk! 

Here's what I do have to say: They were sparkly, in a fun multi-dimentional way.  They're a top coat polish, so the amount of sparkle in each application was only a few speckles here and there.  Good if you only want subtle shimmer not overwhelming, bad if you're looking for full on bling without doing ten coats.  The more coats the more the sparkle, but the harder to remove.  Let's face it, most all sparkly polishes take some elbow grease and guns to remove, this one is no different.  That's to be expected with glitters.

The colors you see of the polish are the colors of the glitters, so I sampled Vixen(pinks), Elektra (yellows), Gipsy (greens), and Trixie (blues).  Each has glitters true to the color and really pretty effect.  My two and half and nine year old were over the moon!  I still get daily requests to polish their nails, and I don't sit and worry about all the harmful chemicals they may be exposed to because they're non-toxic.
It was easy to apply, had gorgeous sparkle, and it felt good knowing it was cruelty free, and free of toxins that many other polishes have.  I do wish to try their color polishes in the future to get a better feel of how long they wear before chips etc., how the opacity is, and how true the colors are in the bottle.  Overall, Nubar's Alter Ego has some fabulous top coats and I can't wait to try more from them in the future!  For more info and to see more colors and collections head to

Disclosure: Samples were sent from Nubar for review purposes, no payment received for this post.  Review is 100% honest and my own opinion of this product.


  1. Those look very pretty, too bad I hate the feeling of nail polish on me.... It drives me insane for some reason. *sigh*

  2. These are so pretty! I really want to try Vixen!