Monday, October 21, 2013

Benefit Gimme Brow and Tips for Better Filled Brows

I was inspired to get this post up when one of my best friends posted a Facebook comment about some crazy brow filling going on.  We all know that a lot of times you can spot drawn on brows a mile away, but there can be a happy medium between your natural brow and tastefully accentuating your brows with makeup. 
Sorry, lady these are just bad brows! Image from
Natural brows tend to be any number of things from sparse to bushy, jet black to barley there blonde, or joined in holy uni-brow matrimony.  Just as different, as each different face.  I've even learned in esthetics school that your brows are going to be sisters not twins.  Meaning, your left and right brow will not be identical in shape. (so true)  Ever heard this?  
Disasterous brow photo from
Once you've experienced the face framing power of tastefully shaped, or made-up brows, you will see why so many of us women do a little filling, coloring, and sometimes go to the extreme of crazy brows. 

For instance, I had a brow wax client once tell me her 23 year old daughter in law actually shaves of her entire brows just so she can pencil them on.  Unless there's some medical reason, Please no! 

I've only been filling in my own brows for a couple years or so, but I've already discovered a few favorites that I can achieve a natural looking filled in brow.  My go to's include NYX Auto Eye Brow Pencil in Dark Brown, MAC Veluxe Brow Liner in Brunette, and most recently Benefit's Gimme Brow in medium/deep.

I admittedly disliked this product my first use and mainly because I didn't use it right.  It's a fiber gel formula with a tiny mascara-like wand so unlike the pencils that I usually use, there's a different application method.

  1. My tip:Start by brushing your bows with a brow brush in upward strokes for the inner brow then horizontal for the arch to tail, into it's natural shape. This is my number one no matter what product I am using on brows.
  2. Package directions- Starting at inner corner,stroke the brush tip along brow in short pressing motions to define the shape. (My tip-Beware-It's awkward at first, and it seems like the most product is on the tip, so it can go on dark or harsh if you aren't careful to not be heavy handed, this is why I disliked it at first. It went on too dark and didn't blend well)

  3. Package directions-Comb through to blend & build. (My tips-Again, be careful not to be heavy handed.  It also dries pretty fast so be quick to brush out too dark areas or any mishaps.I recommend brushing the brow in upward strokes with a clean brow brush when your done, to soften and blend, this works with any brow product)

So there you have it! It takes a little practice but you can get nice, tastefully filled in brows with products, like Benefit's Gimme Brow.  It doesn't have to look too over done or scary, but just frames the face a little better.  There can be a happy medium right?

I'd love to hear your favorite brow products and tasteful brow tips...... 


  1. How well does the NYX Brow pencil perform? I was thinking of picking one of those up for myself next time I'm at the drug store. I ran out of my old pencil a little while back and have been just letting them go unfilled for a while now.

    1. The NYX Auto Eye Brow pencil is one of my favorites, and you just can't beat the price! There's a little brush on the end thats so perfect for brushing brows before to tame and after to soften and blend the look to make it look more natural. Its long lasting as well. I really like it!

  2. Your brows look amazing and you're so so pretty x

    1. Awww, Thank you so much Holly! Thats so sweet!

  3. Oh my goodness.... the brows in that first picture! This seems like a cool product though! Your brows look so nice, and there isn't lots of steps involved- I really like that!

  4. Really good post! I have been trying to find good eyebrown pencils but no luck so far. I like this from Benefit so maybe i will buy it soon! :)

  5. I am sorry but I almost fell off my chair laughing at the brows. I hate it when people pluck to death especially when they don't know what they are doing and then end up having to draw the brows back on! What is the point? I have seen women who draw their brows on in horrible colors, this one woman use to draw her brows on with blue eyeliner! I use the brow kit from e.l.f. but when IMATS comes around I am going to try something else.

    Your brows look great.

  6. Great blog. I'm new to blogging - follow my beuaty, life, fashion and well being blog thanks xx

  7. That first brow fail is actually amazing hahaha!
    This gives such a natural look, I may have to give this a go!

    Emily / Glittery Teacups

  8. Haha when I first saw that first picture I was like "whoa" lol sad thing is I know a few girls that have drawn on eyebrows that look similar to that and they think they are hot lol! The problem with my brows is that they don't really have an arch to them and it bugs me so much. I almost want to go out and buy the Anastasia brow kit so I know I'm shaping my eyebrows right lol!
    Check out my blog if you like

  9. they look great! I'm such a slacker with brows haha :)

    AJ | TheAJMinute

  10. I myself love using the Dark Horse shade from the NAKED palette to fill in my brows. Works wonders!

  11. Haha the first two are hilarious! But your eyebrows look great! I use a light shadow shade, I don't even recall the name of it..some cheapo from the drugstore... I really need to find something else!

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