Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Perlier's Volcanic Thermo Renewing Scrub

Scrubs are wonderful for the body! Sloughing off dead skin cells, stimulating circulation, and smoothing rough skin are just a few benefits scrubs provide for your skin.  

Perlier's Volcanic Thermo Scrub brings brings a unique and luxurious spa treatment right to your very own bath tub.  Here's the low down from the website:

  • Complex of key ingredients contains water from the hot spring concession located in the municipality of Abana Terme (Padua)
  • Helps optimize skin's elasticity for a more youthful appearance
  • Helps combat visible signs of aging such as the appearance of dull-looking skin
  • Formulated with key ingredients that are rich in mineral salts
  • Contains minerals of different particle size for dual rejuvenating and smoothing beauty action
  • Finer powders smooth skin and rough areas  
Made in Italy

How can you not want to try a product that has micronutrients extracted from volcanic rocks that nourish the skin? FANCY! 

I took this bad boy into the shower with me today.  It has gel like consistency with granules. The smell was nice, I can't quite describe it, just a fresh smell.  I started from my feet and worked my way up my bod scrubbing briskly in circular motions, then rinsed.  I didn't notice anything miraculously different than other scrubs I've used, until I got out of the shower. 

My skin feels so soft, smooth and velvety.  My scented lotion and perfume seem to have absorbed better because the scents haven't worn off yet.  I keep touching my arms because they're so soft.  The biggest thing I noticed was that I had a little leg stubbled from skipping a shave, and when I was putting on lotion my skin was so soft that it felt like I did shave.  This will be great for winter time :)

Overall, great exfoliating body scrub! Wonderful after effects of smooth, soft, revived skin.  
Check it out at: for more info, reviews, and to purchase one for yourself.  Here's a coupon code for $5.00 off your Perlier purchase at iFabbo5

Have you tried Perlier's Volcanic Thermo Renewing Scrub? I'd love hear your thoughts! 

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  1. This looks like an amazing product, perfect for winter! Wish they had it in the UK!