Thursday, July 11, 2013

Glitter for Grown Up's- Urban Decay's Moondust Eyeshadow in Zodiac

Their newest innovative Moondust shadow formula is a pressed powder, yet feels like a cream when applied.  It's a sparkling duotone shadow that is anything but modest.  

Zodiac has a black base, with green and blue 3-D glints of shimmer.  The black base is smokey, and the sparkle is light yet bold.  

It's funny that my camera had a hard time focusing in for close ups, probably because it was so reflective.  It will look different in every light.  

Zodiac in natural daylight
If you've owned an Urban Decay palette you've most definitely experienced their glitter shadows.  Some tend to have chunks of glitter that don't easily spread or disperse across the lid. In my older years I tend to avoid those shadows unless I am blinging it up for an occasion or night out.  Not these, they're a grown up sparkle!

It's sparkly with a beautiful, smoky sophistication.  There is glittery fallout on the face after applying, but not as much as some glitter shadows, and was easily wiped away with my Simple makeup remover wipes.  No glittery mess everywhere, no creasing, and with the Urban Decay primer potion, this stayed put until removal at the end of the day.  

 It's beautifully pigmented and it's eye catching and unique.  Another winner from Urban Decay!! Available in 7 shades, and retails for $20.00.  Check out more shades at .

Have you tried these? I'd love to hear your thoughts!!

This item was provided as a bonus sample in a past month's Ipsy subscription bag.  


  1. These are so beautiful! I need to try them! I'm thinking about getting intergalactic or space cowboy.

  2. So Beautiful! I defintely need to pick this up!

  3. That is just perfect for a summer's night out! Now I want it too lol

  4. I love the zodiac color. will definitely be purchasing.
    Please follow my blog (i'm just starting out)

  5. I absolutely love the colour but i'm always worried that super glittery eyeshadows just end up everywhere on your face when applying it! (especially on the cheeks!)

  6. this is such a gorgeous colour! i need to try it out follow if you like! :)