Wednesday, June 5, 2013

First RocksBox & Review

The newest awesomeness in the beloved subscription program craze is RocksBox.  It's a jewelry styling service in which you pay $19 monthly to try three pieces of designer jewelry at a time. You can wear it for up to 60 days, or send it back at any time to receive three new pieces to try and wear.  If you really love a piece you can purchase it.  

As a super lucky iFabbo blogger, I was gifted a six month membership to RocksBox to try out and review for you my lovely readers. Let me share the good and bad, and you can join too if you'd like. There's a discount promo code included at the end if you're interested!

Rings, necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, whats not to like! We ladies love our accessories! Take a look at my first RocksBox baubles and  read on to hear about my good, and not so good experience with RockBox......

Gorjana- Fatima Drop Earrings
My Favorite piece in the Box! Very boho, and very pretty. 
I've been wearing this quite a bit!  RV: $50 Member price $40

CC Skye- Sharks Tooth Pave Pendant Necklace
Pretty, but just not my style so it's not something I'd buy. This retails
 at $110.00, however the chain seems very cheap looking in person.  Member price $88

Charles Albert- Alchemia Jasper Arrowhead Adjustable Ring
At first I thought, "Holy Sh&#" it's huge, and I am a big cocktail ring kinda girl! 
I truly wasn't a fan, and a little disappointed. Then, I started wearing it around.  Something happened and now I kind of love it. Yes, it's a huge arrowhead and might be considered a weapon to some, but it's bold and fabulous! I am gonna work it! 
 RV$90.00 Member price $72

Overall, my first RockBox was lots of fun to sport around pricey designer jewelry without the price tag commitment.  I am sending this set back within a few days to get my next set of three to try out.  I'll be sure to share my next box!

Before I go, I must mention a few things about my experience with RockBox as a company.
  • A return shipping bag with prepaid postage is included for when you're ready to send items back for your next set, making it super easy
  • Jewelry is sanitized upon return. 
  • You can note in your profile any allergies to certain metals, etc. and they will send you other items.  
  • You aren't charged for slight damages or normal wear and tear 
  • Try and return for new sets as much as you'd like for no extra charge or wear for 60 days
  • Lovely jewelry
  • Easy to buy to pieces you like, just don't send back and they charge your card
  • Customer services is super fast to respond
  • Pretty packaging 
  • It took almost 1 month and a half for my first box to ship and  I was told 2 different shipping dates then a, "let us know if you desperatley need your box and we'll send it out to you",  message in my profile ( however after asking about it in their chat box on the site,  my box was shipped asap and I got a $10 credit toward any jewelry purchase)
  • The earrings were terribly tangled together in the pouch and took about 45 min to untangle without breaking
  • The items purchase prices are steep, so if you love an item be prepared to shell out some dough
Overall, the idea is really great and it's fun to try and wear new designer jewelry, then send away for more when you're bored.  Looking forward to seeing how the rest of the experience goes! 

For my readers:
 50% off for 3 months ($9.50/month - first 3 months) by using the promo code: FABB. Click this link : 

*RocksBox 6 month membership provided by and RocksBox for review purposes. No compensation was received for this post and it's 100% honest and my opinion. Thanks! 


  1. They have some really nice stuff! Great post!

  2. I had no idea that a service like this existed! I was about to mention jewellery germs so its good to see they sanitise the items between sending them out. Not sure if something like this exists in the UK, but I dont think I could afford the jewellery anyway :( x

  3. Oh wow I adore that necklace :D xx

    Gemma ♥ |