Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Beautisol Medium Self-Tanning Mousse Kit

Let me tell you, this is not my first self tanning go 'round.  I've been light tan, slightly orange, orange, golden bronze, and many shades in between. If you try self tanners you know what I mean! You just never know if something works on your skin until you give it a try.
After plenty of experimenting, I now have my few go-to group of tanning products that I know I'll get streak free natural color.  That doesn't mean a won't still brave testing out new, different products to add to my favorites. So, here was Beautisol's Self Tanning kit calling, no screaming my name from my iFabbo shop a few weeks back.  I'm not one to argue, so I placed my order and it arrived the next week. Before entering this campaign I hadn't heard of Beautisol before, so here's a quick run down...

What to know about Beautisol-

  • Founded by's editor in chief / skin care guru/ celebrity spray tan artist/ former Director of Education at St.Tropez Tan/ iFabbo founder-  Sinead Norenius  ( Seriously? Could you be in better hands?)
  • "High quality, environmentally conscious sun care products with personality" 
  • "Sun care industry mentor and friend"
Love it! For more info check out

Here's how my package arrived.  I received the Dark/Med Self Tanning Mousse, Application mitt, and Mousse Application Guide courtesy of iFabbo to test and review.  

First, thank goodness for the application guide!! (something my favorite pricier St.Tropez tanning mousse never provided, eh hem) It helped to instruct me how many pumps on each body area and the best way to apply it.  I had been doing mousse all wrong! Probably why I had to blend my St. Tropez mousse with regular lotion to avoid streaks.

Here's what half a pump looked like applied to the mitt, just so you can see the color out of the tube.  

The product claim from

"What it does:
  • You get our super fast drying, long-lasting, natural-looking medium tan with our odor eliminating technology - Pure Scent
  • The color correcting pigments with guide color gives an immediate bronzing effect so you look tan and gorgeous instantly
  • Moisturizes & nourishes your skin with anti-aging properties
  • Fast, Flawless and easy application with the patented Easy Application Mitt
  • Makes you feel even more gorgeous and ready for anything"
Blending a bit on my leg
I first did a color test, as I always do with new self tanners.  I apply it to my legs first.  If it turns Nacho Cheese Doritos orange, I pout to myself and wear pants until it fades off.  Right?  Spot test any easy to hide area :) Also important for allergies!

Are the claims true, you all must be wondering? Well....drum roll......
  • It's absolutely fast drying! I paused to take a picture without fully applying and it left a little darker spot. I was too slow, my fault.
  • It lasted over a week on my legs before starting to fade
  • It's easy to apply thanks to the insert Guide and their online How to Videos
  • It's not quite odor eliminating, it doesn't smell as terrible as some formulas but it had a very strong perfume-y scent that faded shortly after applying (I imagined bees being attracted to me all day from the scent which was scary ;)
  • It was certainly a fabulous natural tan/bronze color, that rivaled my fav St. Tropez

Overall, great natural looking self tanning product, wonderful brand mission, and a more affordable option than the current brand I had been using.  I have used it a few times, full body and I am super happy to add this to my go-to self tanning favorites! 

Avoid cancer risks, and aging your skin this summer and pick up a good self tanner!

To find out more about Beautisol or get this-->
tanning system go to

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This product was provided for review purposes by the brand and No compensation was provided for this post and all the opinions are 100% honest and true and my own. 


  1. Looks good! I saw this on HSN and found it kind of interesting. I've only used a self tanner once, but it make me look yellowish? I am currently testing the Tarte one, hopefully it goes well!

    Simple Charm Beauty

    1. Thanks! I'll update with some results pictures, no yellowish result here! Let me know how the Tarte one works!