Tuesday, November 20, 2012

New Holiday Trend~The Beauty Advent Calendar

     I have just discovered this fabulous spin on the traditional chocolate filled Advent calendar, the Beauty Advent Calendar.  You'll find a beauty product for each day counting down to Christmas.  How amazing is that?  They are all the craze currently in the U.K, and many are already sold out online and in stores.  I haven't had much luck finding any available in the U.S., other than from eBay sellers.  Check them out:

This little gem carries a hefty price tag at $109 CAD, but you do get luxury samples from YSL, Shu Uemura, Giorgio Armani, and Lancome.  It was available on loosebutton.com, however I cannot find it for sale any longer, anywhere :(

This retails at $58 from Sephora, the price of four full size bottles.  Includes 20 best selling mini paint pots, and 4 mini caviar blends, and a funnel. Currently sold out at Sephora but found at Amazon for $82 & up.

Sold at Selfridges.com, not sure if it's still in stock or the price because it's only available in the UK, sadly.  Includes deluxe sized samples from Kiehls, YSL, Lancome, Diesel & more.  

Available at www.lancome.co.uk, doesn't list price. Sorry! It has deluxe Lancome samples such as their Juicy Tubes, Genifique, Miracle Fragrance, Hypnose Star mascara, etc.

Available at http://uk.lizearle.com.  This has deluxe Liz Earle samples for haircare, bodycare, fragrance and skincare.  

This can be found at latestinbeauty.com.  It has deluxe samples of Benefit They're Real Mascara, St.Tropez Instant Body Glow Lotion, ESPA, Dermologica, etc.  

     I guess I am late in discovering these holiday gems as most of them are sold out or only available in the UK :( Hopefully, the US will catch on to this for next year!  I'll definitely be looking out for them starting in October. It'd be an awesome gift! 
     So what do you think of these Beauty Advent Calendars? My UK beauty blogger friends, have you tried any? I'd love to hear your thoughts! Thanks for reading!


  1. I maybe having the Liz Earle one soon I adore Liz Earle so it's going to be amazing if I do.

    I really fancy the YOU one as well, the Caite one I pondered over but I'm not sure what I would do with that many mini polishes as my nails turn into a right state over the winter.

    If they don't catch on next year I don't mind trying to see if we can work out a way of your buying and having it shipped to me then I ship it onto you :).

    Life in a Break Down

  2. i love this idea!!! so have to get my hands on one, any of the above lol

  3. I would love any of these, had to really fight with myself to not but the YOU/latest in beauty one but had to resist as I'm not meant to be spending on myself so close to Christmas - may have to work one into my budget for next year though!

  4. Oh my goodness, I need to find something like this for next year! Thanks for posting it :)

    Stop by and say hi sometime -- thenakedmanual.com