Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Stila Smudge Crayon Review

     One of the goodies in my September Glam Bag was a sample size Stila Smudge Crayon in black.  I am always on the hunt for great eyeliners because I feel I have yet to find my holy grail liner.  I have been using this liner for about two/three weeks now.  I've tried to use it in several different ways to really get the feel for it, smokey eye, cat eye, tight line/waterline only, etc.  Check it out:

    -It's a 3 in 1.
    -Long lasting.  Stayed put until I washed my face at night.
    -No creasing.
    -Smokes/blends/smudges nicely
    -Goes on smooth/creamy.  Doesn't tug or pull skin.
    -The tip becomes rounded once you use it making it very difficult to get thin line, but the full   size has a built in sharpener in the base so it fixes that.
    -Sometimes  cakes when applying very close to lashes, but easily fixed when softened or blended out with a brush
    -Can be considered mid priced which is not that affordable for all
    -Did a smokey look and my eye was watering in the corner, and it melted off the liner completely and it wouldn't reapply in that area for some reason.  I even set it with black shadow and nothing was staying in that area. It may not have been due to the liner but, Here's what I mean:

     Overall, I've had a pretty good experience with this product.  I am sure that having the built in sharpener in the full sized product would make it even better because then you can get a thinner, more precise line if you need to.  This is a product I'd repurchase and even try in other colors because it doubles as a shadow as well.
      Thanks for reading!  Love to hear your thoughts and what you think if you've tried this product!


  1. I am gonna have to get this! :)


  2. It is so cool that this pencil has multiple functions. I probably would not try this product because I don't like using pencils for my eyeliner. I like using the pots and a brush to apply my eyeliner. But maybe one of these days I might give in and give it a try. Did you apply the liner on your waterline? Did it go on smoothly when it was applied to the waterline?

    1. Because the tip is fatter and rounder it did not work as well as others in the waterline. However, the full size has the sharpener that would give it a point making precision lining of the waterline much better.