Thursday, October 11, 2012

Rimmel Vinyl Jelly Gloss Lip Liner Review in Hot Spark

     I bought this lip liner in a package of two at a local grocer near me for .99 cents!  I was intrigued to see what a vinyl jelly gloss liner would actually be like, and the price just couldn't be beat.  I use Rimmel products here and there. Some I love, some I could do without, and I wasn't expecting too much seeing as how it was only .99 cents.  Check it out:

  • Glides on easily
  • Sharpens easily
  • Inexpensive
  • Eliminates need for lipstick or gloss over it 
  • Long wear- Lasted through drinking, meals, etc. without having to reapply- probably about 4+ hrs
  • Makes my lips feel soft and hydrated unlike many lip pencils
  • Great color selection
  • Formula is soft so it needs to be sharpened frequently
  • Discontinued ( but can be bought on ebay and Amazon)

From my Experience:

      I haven't always been much of a fan of lip liners and I usually only use them when I want extra staying power for my lipstick.  This lip liner isn't drying or as matte as most liners, so I think that's why I like it so much!  Also, berry lip colors usually wear off fast on me but this liner had really great staying power.  Especially since I wore it alone.  
     At first I thought that the Hot Spark color was too much for me but after an hour and some compliments later I grew to really like it.  It's a berry red shade that is quite pretty.  This product is sadly discontinued, but as many discontinued products you can find it on Amazon or a local discount grocer may have it like I've found.
     Worst part of the liner is that it needs to been sharpened a lot and may need some wiping on the pencil after sharpening.  The creamy formula can be messy on your sharpener as well.
     I'd definitely repurchase this, in fact I am headed back to the store to get more colors and a  pack or two to add in a future giveaway :)

     Thanks for reading! I'd love to hear your thoughts and if you've tried this before. 
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  1. WOW sounds great and a barrrgain price!

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. You have such a lovely eyes... :) I like this liner, color is fantastic...

  3. have never seen it before, but sounds great!

  4. hello!would u like to follow each other via gfc? let me know!!

  5. You can stick the liner in the freezer for a bit to let it harden up before you sharpen it if you want to reduce the mess!

    1. I never thought to do that, what an awesome tip! Thanks so much, I'll definitely try it!

  6. That color looks fab on you- and such a bargain!