Monday, October 29, 2012

Influenster Relaunch

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     September 27th marked a big change in the Influenster community.  Members got access to a whole new Influenster website!  More features, exclusive access, more benefits.
      What's Influenster? Well, what could be better than a site that brings everyday people together with different brands looking to get feedback and buzz about their products?  That means, a free box of samples (VoxBox as they call it) sent to your doorstep and time to try and test each product.  Then, talk about what you did and didn't like, and spread the word.  It's free to join and only requires a bit of time to fill out a few surveys here and there and write some reviews.  I've had the privilege to take part in two VoxBoxes thus far and it's easy, and it's a legit free sampling company.  See for yourself, I've had a Love VoxBox, and a Mom VoxBox.

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       So, whats new at Influenster?  Like I mentioned, they revamped their website and added a few more features.  I find the site just as easy to use as the first.  There are a few changes such as more product review pages like for GAP, etc., that aren't related to their VoxBox products.  The reviews seem to be honest and people aren't using too much fluff.  You can even ask questions on the review pages that people can respond to, which is nice.
     The surveys are plentiful.  Luckily they are quick and easy, and nothing too invasive.   Earning badges now includes many more steps to raise scores for those particular badges, which is a bit overkill but do-able.  I like the site and it's very easy to use and the reward is getting a VoxBox to review.  Every Influenster is working toward that same goal.  We all want that VoxBox :)  If you have spare time to spend on things like this and find it fun, Influenster  is definitely a site worth checking out! 


  1. I love influenster and I love the new layout and look. I also got the new package and it was shipped much faster than the last one plus I got a lot more amazing products. I think they keep getting better with time.

  2. I've got a inflenster but I don't know how to get a box, is there a predefined way to get my score is up to 70 now

    1. I am pretty sure they offer a VoxBox if you fit the demographic for the box, (ex: Bride to Be, Mom, Beauty Blogger, etc.) I think your score is good, it's pretty close to mine. They just also want to see that you're active on their site, because that'll mean you're more likely to be active with the VoxBox requirements if you get one. That's where keeping your score up comes in. It also gives you something interactive to do between boxes. Hope that helps!