Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Influenster- Mom VoxBox 2012

     Having participated once already in the Influenster Love VoxBox, I was super excited to learn in May that I'd be receiving the Mom VoxBox.  A box full of free goodies, or VoxBox, arrives at your doorstep once you've been qualified.  Then you test and share your findings on social media and the influenster.com site that host these awesome giveaways. Here's what came in the Mom VoxBox: 

Ivory- Bar Soap
DenTek- Flossers
Stash Tea- Superfruits Tea Sampler
Nektar- Sweetener
Quaker- Soft baked Cookie
imPRESS- Press-On Manicure

     I am very happy to have some free samples to try! The cookie never had a chance, I ate it right away, what can I say? I have a weakness for cookies. It was pretty good, soft and definitely had a Quaker Oat taste. (confession: the cookie in the picture is just the wrapper, I didn't even wait to get a pic before I ate it :) 
     I made a pitcher of iced tea with the Stash Tea sampler. It's filled with 6 flavors and I chose the three bags of the Acai berry flavor. I filled half of a plastic pitcher with water, threw in the three tea bags, put the lid on and set it in the sun for three hours.  Then I removed the tea bags, added sugar and ice, little bit more cool water because I don't like it too strong, and there you have yummy homemade iced tea. (I give my classmate Jayma all the credit for her lovely recipe that she'd given me the day before the box arrived. It was meant to be :)
     The rest of the items I have yet to try but I am thankful and grateful to have been chosen since I know many people try to sign up for these cool boxes.  I am aware that there have been some past VoxBoxes with better selections of samples but I am still happy to get free products to try, (especially cookies :) or even pass them on to someone who'd enjoy it more than myself. So,  Keep em' coming influenster! I look forward to future boxes!

Have it?
Tried it? 
I'd love to hear your thoughts.....


  1. Lucky u! I have received all my badges but have yet to get a box.


  2. happy to have been chosen to get the box, a bit disappointed in the contents. but once i picked the raisins out of the cookie, it was pretty good, lol!!

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