Friday, May 4, 2012

Target's Free Beauty Bag

     How many of us have fallen in love with the many beauty sample subscription programs like Beauty Army, MyGlam, or Sample Society, to name a few? Shelling out $10 or more a pop per month to enjoy an array of products just for our testing.  Little did I know, one of many favorite places to shop, Target, sends out a beauty bag of their own.....and it's free!  Just another reason to add to the many, of why I love Target :)

     For anyone who isn't aware of this, Target features a Sample Spot on their website where you can request and receive free product samples that they feature, and sometimes even beauty bags. (Right now they have depends samples :)  A lot of times you may request a bag free, with qualifying beauty item purchases. 
      About a month ago I was able to catch the free beauty bag promotion that Target listed on their Facebook page.  I believe they gave away 10,000 bags to the first people to sign up.  I received my bag in the mail today. I am more excited to try a few of these products, than the ones in the bags I pay $10 or more a month for.  Here's what I got:

Pantene- Color Preserve Shine Conditioner
Simple- Cleansing Facial wipes
Neutrogena-Visibly bright Cleanser
Nivea-Extended moisture lotion
Loreal-Magic Lumi Light Infusing Primer
Target- Book of beauty product coupons
Pink and Orange striped makeup bag

     All of these great deluxe samples for free! Thanks Target! The lotion is perfect purse size for my overly dry hands after my 1000 daily washes and sanitizing.  The conditioner I'm familiar with since I used Pantene for years but perfect if I travel.  I've been dying to try the primer because I've been hearing all good things.  Finally, the face cleansing wipes claim to remove waterproof mascara, which is a big nightly ordeal for me, so cross your fingers that this product works for me :)  How exciting! Not to mention, the bag it all came in was lined and pretty, and smelled nicely as well.  What a big hit Target!  
     If you haven't already, like Target's Facebook page,  and frequently check their Sample Spot, for great giveaways and promotions.  Just another reason for us to love Target. 

Have it ?
Love it?
Tried any of these?
I'd love to hear what you think ...


  1. I got mine a few days ago! LOVED it and posted in on it. So far, I'm in love with the Neutrogena face wash and Nivea lotion! And I gave the cute little bag to my mom because it matches the VS weekend bag I gave her!

    Glad you liked it too!


    1. The bag does look very similar to that VS print :)

  2. wow this looks really great!!

  3. Got mine yesterday! Making up a post for tomorrow right now. :)


  4. visiting ur blog for the first time kristin.. following..:)

  5. Hi! I have something for you on my blog.

  6. thank you for telling us about this target freebie! i kept hearing about it but had no clue how to sign up haha now i know the secret...their facebook page

    1. Your welcome! I love awesome sharing freebies like this!

  7. What a great deal!!! Looks like you got some fabulous products :)