Wednesday, May 2, 2012

PlanetBox, Lunch Makeover

     I just found a little Pinterest gem that has inspired me to make fabulous lunches.  I pack my lunch everyday for school, and I always feel like my lunches are so blah.  I feel like packing it is such a chore, and eating it is uneventful.  
     Seeing this PlanetBox makes me want to revamp my meals.  Just look at the individual heaping mounds of fresh food in the photos. They're marketing geniuses! Upon further research, I also discovered a whole bunch of really great features to PlanetBox: 

  • Healthy portion sized food compartments 
  • Stainless Steel(which makes it 100% recyclable)
  • Airtight
  • Light weight
  • Dish washer safe
  • Eliminates the need for plastic baggies and containers( Eco-friendly)
  • Waste free lunch pack other than, uneaten food
  • re-usable and durable
     Of course with every good there is a bad, so here are a few flaws I came across with my PlanetBox research:
  • Each cost $39.95
  • Works even better with carry bag, cold pack, and liquid containers totaling $59.95 as a set
  • No external seal to prevent liquid foods like applesauce from leaking out
  • No extra compartment seals to keep juices from foods like fruits from running and dripping

     Although the pros outweigh the cons in this case, it is a quite expensive lunch box. I think  I will be taking some time to save up, while I think this purchase over.  Until then, I'll be scouring recipe books and stopping more often in the produce isle when I shop for lunch foods.

Have it?
Tried it?

How do you pack your lunch?


  1. This just looks awesome! Thanks for sharing!


  2. I think this is such a cool idea! I stick to small cup size reusable containers for my lunches. Great portion control, and it keeps my lunch bag cleaner!

  3. We have two and I absolutely love them. My First Grader took her lunch all but three days last year, and I was pleasantly surprised how well her friends took to her lunches. We're vegetarians, and my daughter favors whole, raw foods...her PlanetBox makes it easy to pack a variety of foods without them touching, LOL. This is important for my six year old...and my husband. I like the fact that they're plastic free and don't generate trash. It's horrifying to see how much waste is left after a lunchroom full of students eat. Plus, they only have about 15 minutes to eat, and the PlanetBox is easy to open and close...without a lot of little bits and pieces to end up lost. They just unveiled a 30% larger size for bigger appetites. But, the original Rover size is plenty big for me.