Thursday, April 26, 2012

Retail Therapy & Shopping Tips

     I don't usually do posts about shopping hauls but I feel particularly proud of my last  trip, and wanted to share some fun items I picked up.  The most recent trip was less than $200 and I got   all this great stuff.  Want  to check it out? 

Sunglasses*Rings*Earrings*Curling Wand *Necklace*Tanks*Shoes*Shorts*Dress*Dress, Socks, Underoos for the Girls

I still next to exchange a few sizes, but I really did some price conscious shopping and got a great amount  of quality items.

  Here are a few shopping tips :

1.  Shop for accessories and shoes at discount designer outlet's like Gabriel Brother's or TJ. Maxx for name brand finds at amazing discounts.  

2.  Look for online codes, promos, loyalty points, or coupons in emails and store websites prior to shopping.
You can most always sign up for emails to receive coupons to just about any store out there now.

3.  Thrift store shopping can turn up amazing wardrobe additions.  I once found a brand new Banana Republic summer dress, tags and all, and only paid $1!  Goodwill has tag sales, and on that particular day yellow was 1$. It had a yellow tag. Score for me, lol. 

4.  Hit up garage sales early in the am.  Grab a coffee.  Bring a friend.  You'd be surprised at the great things you'll find.

I'd love to hear all your shopping tips....
-We can just say it's retail therapy-


  1. what a great haul!! You got a lot of stuff =)!!

  2. I don't usually do posts of shopping hauls (just makeup from time to time..but even then not that often) either, but why not? That was an awesome one! BTW I tagged you in my blog ;)

  3. Lets plan a garage sale outing got some great things!!

  4. Thanks ladies! That sounds great Alysa!

  5. woow, you've got loads of stuff !!

    great picks!!!