Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Butterfly Award

Thanks a ton,  Cathy @ hiiyooitscat.blogspot.com for awarding me this fun blog award.  She is one of my favorite bloggers so go check out her blog if you haven't already. It's always an honor to receive awards from other bloggers who like your blog.  It means a lot to me and keeps me trucking on. Thanks again Cathy!

1)  Link back to the person who awarded you.
2) Answer the following questions.
3) Award other bloggers and let them know.

The Questions:

1) What's your favorite song?
  • One of my favorites is Flaws and All- Beyonce
2) What's your favorite dessert? 
  • Brownie Sundae
3) What's your favorite pet?
  • Dog
4) Black or white?
  • black with white polka dots :)
5) What's your biggest fear?
  • Losing loved ones or disappointing people
6) What's your best feature?
  • My eyes
7) What's your everyday attitude?

    Im pretty mellow

8) What is perfection?
  • Chocolate is the closest thing to perfection you'll find
9) What is your guilty pleasure?
  • See # 8 , and shopping although I've toned down alot

I nominate the following blogs:


      1. you're so welcome =)! I love the perfection answer!.. but i do have to have caramel inside my chocolate =)

      2. Thanks for the nomination! I'll try to answer next week :)