Sunday, March 25, 2012

Kiss Nail Dress Review

    In my very cool, Influenster Love VoxBox, I was so excited to see a package of Kiss Nail Dress. I am a big nail art fan and a do it yourself-er.  I hadn't had the chance to try the new stick on strips until now.  Kiss Nail Dress comes in a package of 28 fashion strips that you can put on your toes, and nails. They have a built in top coat that maximizes their staying power.  The strips are said to last up to 10 days.  They're super easy to put on, here's all you do:

  1. Clean your nails with alcohol or a polish remover.  
  2. Select a size strip that fits your nail
  3. Apply near cuticle and smooth on nail
  4. Fold down over edges and file excess
     So, I headed over my lovely friend's for some girl bonding time and we gave it a go.  From our experience, it really is, as easy as that. A big plus is that it comes with a mini nail file as well.  So everything you need is right in the little package. It took me a little longer than the,  "on in minutes", that the box claims but I was being extra meticulous.  I wanted it to last and look great. It gets a little tricky when folding and filing the excess, but it helped to take my time. My friend got creative with hers and came up with this really cute design:

      After it was on she had a little less luck with her staying power than I did.  I think its because she cut some into strips for the tips of the nail instead of covering the whole nail.  I used the full nail strip, here's how mine came out:

 The style I had was KDS11.  It's a spotted, or pebble like design that was black and silver.  

      They are really lightweight on your nails that you forget they're even on.  I did lose the one on my index finger sometime the same night we applied them.  I realized it was off right as I was plating dinner. I was a little worried I was going to have a Peg Bundy moment and someone would find it in their food:) Thankfully, that didn't happen and the family was none the wiser.  I think it may have actually come off when I was washing or drying my hands. Anyway, it was a little loose to begin with.  I replaced it with a fresh strip that night.  After that, no problems. It lasted a full 7 days until I felt it was time to remove them.  They were still on but just wearing off at the tips, which is pretty great considering how hard I am on my nails. You can see what I mean, Here's my day 7 picture:

     Overall,  I would definitely use these again, I was very happy with the result.  It's longer staying power than some polishes, faster than stamping, and comes in tons of different styles, some are even jewel strips.  You can purchase them for around $6.99, online and at retailers such as Target,  Walmart, and Walgreens.  Best of all, no messy cleanup.  No need for polish remover, or ugly polish stained nails. They just peel right off. I even have extras I can use to create some designs on a future mani. I'm definitely going to be purchasing these in the future.  I'd like to try them on my toes next :)

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Disclosure: This product was sent to me complimentary for testing/review purposes in a Influenster Love VoxBox.  There was no compensation received from this posting.  All my opinions are 100% honest, and 100% m own. 


  1. I love the kiss nail dresses!! I love the design you got..

  2. love your blog miss! saw you on bloghop! follow eachother?

  3. I came across your blog through the blog hop and am so glad I did! Love it so far and the fact that you even do your own :) Cute blog and nails haha! :)

  4. Found you on a blog hop! Thanks for the review, I've always wondered the longevity of nail stickers and now might give it a try.

    Absolutely Cee