Monday, March 19, 2012

Bed Head Sugar Shock Review

     Bed Head's line of candy inspired hair care products have yummy scents, catchy names, and fun packaging.  The first I tried of the Candy Fixations was Totally Baked Hair Meringue and I loved it! That's why I went back and bought Sugar Shock Hair Bodifying Sugar spray.  I have long, fine hair that is in need of a good boost, which I get from the Totally Baked, and a bit of texture, which I hoped to get from Sugar Shock since it's comparable to a beach wave spray. 

"Sweet waves, shocking body.  Mist into dry hair for a tousled look or layer throughout for extreme texture, fullness and hold."

     I first tried Sugar Shock on my dry hair, and misted it toward the roots down to the ends in sections.  It does feel a little sticky to the touch on your hair when its first applied, however it was nothing too crazy.  The next few times I used it on my damp hair and while blow drying it did feel a bit more tangled than usual.  Overall, I found it works best when I curl my hair.  I just mist it on after each piece is curled. It didn't really add any body for me but I am able to achieve a tousled look with this product. 
   The scent is called Pink Spun Cotton Candy.  It smells like sugar to me, which makes sense because one of the ingredients is sucrose, which is essentially table sugar.  Hence the name, Sugar Shock.  Pretty strong at first, but fades so that it's not too over powering.
     It can be bought anywhere from $7-$15. The lower range at Amazon, and higher range at salons.  The packaging is a plastic bottle, so be sure to recycle it when the product is gone.  It's good for 12 months after the first use.     
     Overall, I found it to be less impressive on my hair as the  Bed Head Totally Baked Hair Meringue.  I do however, love the scent, and I like the results when I use it on my curls and waves.

Here's a quick little how-to video from TIGI Creative Director Heath Grout

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  1. I've got this! Haven't tried it yet but I will give it a go soon.

  2. i have not tried this, but i love bed head products