Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sample Society Beauty Subscription Program

     Thankfully, all of us beauty product loving foxes are presented with a whole new way to shop, by way of beauty subscription programs.  You pay a monthly fee to have product samples sent to your doorstep to try yourself or give away to a lucky friend.  The beauty industry sure has adapted to the times and these subscription programs are booming with popularity.
     Launched late last month, one of the newest sampling programs to jump on the band wagon, is Sample Society.  This program really caught my attention because it's the baby of two beauty giants, Allure Magazine and Beauty Bar.  Here's the low down,

  • It's a members only subscription program, so you'd have to sign up
  • For $15 a month, you get a monthly box filled with 5 deluxe size samples from top beauty brands
  • Expert info and tips tailored to your samples from Allure's top beauty editors/professionals included in your box
  • $15 gift code to use toward a $50 purchase, including a full sized product from one of your samples and whatever else you choose at BeautyBar.com
  • One time free year subscription to Allure Magazine once you sign up for Sample Society

      Sounds great to me, which is why I signed up with the faith that they won't disappoint.  Please don't disappoint Sample Society, I need my beauty fix!   First of all, the free year of Allure, woohoo! I love that magazine! Secondly, I am expecting some pretty great samples seeing as how these two companies are giants in their industry.  Then, to top it off you get $15 off a $50 order per month toward products.  That basically means it pays for itself if you choose to make a purchase.  Then, with the advice included from the editors I'll be more educated and better prepared to get a full size version, if I love it.  
     The most fun with these programs is that you get a little box present full of surprise little goodies each month.  I love it!  Currently, I am a MyGlam subscriber and I look forward to the surprise element of the whole thing.  Plus, getting to try out a product before you dish over your moolah, is way better than making a blind purchase.  
     Seems like these subscription programs tend to sell out fast so if this is something you're interested in check it out on the Beauty Bar website.  There is a link in the upper right that says sample Society.  The first box ships March 5.  It is their first box so I am going on a little faith here that they will be as good or better than MyGlam.  I'll keep everyone update when I get my first box.  I can't wait !!

Going to try it?
Already signed up? 

I'd love to hear from you !

(I am not affiliated with Sample Society, I pay for my own sub, and this is 100% my personal opinion)

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