Tuesday, January 17, 2012

MyGlam January Glam Bag

     I've been stalking the mail man since I got my delivery email for my first Glam Bag.  If you aren't familiar with MyGlam it's a beauty subscription company started by Michelle Phan, YouTube makeup tutorial guru.  Like other beauty subscription programs you pay a monthly fee and receive a few beauty products to try at home.  This program is only $10 monthly and you receive a Glam Bag, (makeup bag), and deluxe samples or full size makeup products.  They usually send 4-5 products.  Their website then has tons of info and tutorials centered around the featured products for the month.  I was able to get a subscription when they opened up a limited number back in December.  I am pretty sure December was the first bag they sent out.  I decided to get on board when I saw the brands that were affiliated.  So, for ten bucks a month, sure I'd love to try some new products.
     So on to the goods:

January Glam Bag:
Back to Nature


  • Sheer Cover- Duo Concealer
  • Wen- Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner
  • Freeman- Cucumber Facial Peel-Off Masque
  • the Balm- Hot Ticket Polish in Don't Pink and Drive

     Overall, I'd say that Im pretty happy with what I received.  It was accompanied by product info cards and with some discount codes for future purchases of the products.  There was an insert from Michelle breaking down each item and the retail value of the bag was well over $50 !!  I am excited to try the products and will review them as I go.  Check out their site: http://www.myglam.com/  for more info.  Thanks!

Have it?
Want it?
Tried it?

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  1. I got mine last weekend and I loved it!! I was a little bummed about the WEN because I already own a big bottle. but i figured i'd keep it for a future giveaway. I love the nail polish though. mine is blue

  2. I got purple nail polish! I love My Glam. I subscribed in November when they first launched the site.

  3. still waiting my bag ;-(

  4. Very cool that people got different polish colors! Danielle, I am super excited to try the WEN because I've heard so much buzz about it. Hopefully you get your bag in the mail tomorrow CottonCandyINK! Thanks for reading ladies!

  5. Hi there! I've given you an award which you can find on my blog! You rock!
    <3 Steff

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    1. I'm planning on subscribing to My Glam! This is fabulous!


  7. This looks so cool! Hopefully they will eventually ship to other countries too :)

  8. mentioning you in my elf review on the eyebrow kit. be sure to read when posted!

  9. Ive used WEN stuff is awesome. Im going to have to look into this website, thanks for the share!