Friday, January 20, 2012

Great Start to a NewYear: I Got Two More Awards and Won a Giveaway!

What a week! This is award number two and three this week! So awesome! I also won the MAC giveaway here:  A big thanks to Beauty Makeup Addict!  This year started off rocky but I must say, good things are coming my way.  So happy! My fellow bloggers, Jess @ Make Up by Jess and Becky @ Beautiful the Best and the Rest have both awarded me the Versatile Blogger Award! !!  Thanks so much ladies! Check out their blogs!
It's great to hear that other good bloggers enjoy what I am writing/posting! It's good encouragement to keep doing what I am dong.  
Here Are The Rules:
You must Thank the person who gave you the award, including a shout out with a link back to their blog.
Share 7 random facts about yourself.
Send the award to 10 other bloggers whose blogs you love and let them know about it.
Seven Random Facts About Me:

1. I have scars from when I was burned as a baby by a pie on my forehead and face.

2. I am a mystery shopper.

3. I believe in ghosts and sometimes get freaked out by strange noises, etc.  :)

4. I have a bow tattoo and a butterfly and want more. 

5. I fear my daughter's teenage years because I know how my sisters and I were.

6. I start school the 31st to become an esthetician :)

7. Whenever I go camping there must be a restroom facility because I can't and won't tinkle outdoors! (lol, Hey it said random)

i pass this award to:

I love these blogs!!
A big thanks again to Becky and Jess for this cool award!


  1. congrats !!!! love your facts ;-)

  2. Thank you Kristin! I'm honored that you chose my blog :) This is such a great idea too. I'll be posting about it next week. Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Congrats on winning the giveaway!


  4. Thank you for appreciating and following my blog. Lioness

  5. Thank you so much for this award! You made my day hun! xx I will post about it soon :)

  6. Your welcome ArtsyMomma, Lioness, and Beauty World! And Thank you Lisa H.!

  7. Thank you miss lady ma'am! Awesomeness!!

  8. Hahahah! I will only go camping at places "with running water" ;) lol.

  9. Thank you so much for my award! Am thinking about my answers and will post next week! Love your blog, nice to learn a bit more about you xx