Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Five Must Haves for Second Day Hair

     Did you know that washing your hair daily strips the natural oils from your hair/scalp and can lead to breakage?  Not to mention all the heat damage from blow dying and styling daily.  Today's Friday Five Must Haves are for maintaining unwashed second and third day hair, so you can save some time and  your tresses by skipping a day of washing.

1.  Tresemme FRESHSTART Dry Shampoo
     I have hair that is on the thinner side and tends to get oily if I skip a day of washing.  Since I have bangs that's a no no.  Dry shampoo really does miracles to my hair!! No joke. I use it every time I skip a wash  I've tried tons of brands from Kevin Murphy to Oscar Blandi.  This one from Tresemme out does them all.  Not to mention it only costs around $2.50-$4.50 depending where you buy it. It gives me a boost of body, takes away the greasy look, and makes styling second day hair easier.   

2.   Hair Accessories
  Second day hair is the perfect time to style and add some accessories.  When you skip a washing your hair has more texture making it more workable.  Think sexy bed head.  It's a perfect time to add a head band, pony, or clip.  The right hair accessory can take your style from snoozy to sexy.  Go for it! 

3.  Style In Your Sleep the Night Before
Sleep in a sock bun one night to get the infamous and gorgeous sock curls when you wake up. Sleep in a braid.  Add foam rollers before bed.  Wrap your hair.  There are quite a few options to wake up with a great style so that washing it isn't necessary.  (Don't forget to dampen hair with a little water first when sleeping in braids and buns so they dry into waves and curls)

4.  Goody Styling Therapy Copper Paddle Brush  
I am pretty sure you can only get this brush online now for around $10, but it's awesome!  It has ball tipped copper bristles.  The cooper is said to reduce dandruff and improve hair condition because it "destroys bacteria and fungus associated with common scalp conditions".  Who would have known, right?  I just recently got this brush, and the first time my 7 year old daughter used it  she ran in the room beckoning me to touch her soft silky hair. lol.  I hadn't even told her there was anything special about it.  It does feel easy and good when using it and I really like it so far.  only downside is that you can't use it while blow drying because the cooper will heat up and you can burn yourself.   

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5.  A Cute Hat
When all else fails, throw on a hat.  I love to wear hats! It conveys low maintenance and easy going. You can be just one of the guys in a ball cap, or sex it up in a fedora.  There are limitless options, just go with what you feel comfortable in and it'll show.  

Hope you enjoyed today's Friday Five Must Haves for Second Day Hair!

Have it?
Love it?
Hate it?
What are your second day hair go to's?

Have a great Weekend!!


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  4. Great post! I have never tried dry shampoo, but will for sure look for this! New follower:-) Found you on Kim's blog hop. Have a fabulous weekend~♥Winona

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  6. I want that brush! I am a dandruff head, which is why I have to wash my hair so much, pretty good in the summer, then as soon as winter hits.....Flakes "R" US......great review, on my wishlist :)Thanks for stopping at my blog! I am following you too :) Happy Sunday...Go Packers!

  7. I can't do second day hair it's so greasy it just looks nasty :(
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  8. What a great post!! I totally agree with all your tips. I could never wash my hair everyday. It's really thick & takes forever to blow-dry. Plus (just like you said) I feel like my hair is easier to style on the 2nd day anyway.

    That brush looks great, I've never heard of it before. I need it now!!! lol

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