Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Five Must Have Tools for Nail Stamping 101

     I love nail art, and a great  way to do a bit of DIY nail art is with stamping.  There are a lot of products out there geared toward nail stamping, but in today's Friday Five Must Haves I am listing products that I've used,tried, and recommend when stamping. 

1 & 2.  Stamper and Scraper  
Before I started stamping, I did a little research and found this lovely stamper/scraper set from the brand Konad.  They're both manual tools.  The stamper is double ended, one for smaller designs, and the other side picks up the larger.  The scraper is a small basic metal ended scraper. You use it to scrape excess polish off the plates before picking up the design with the stamper.  I got my set from Amazon for $3.00.   

3.  Nail Art Image Plates
   This is what creates the design.  They're sometimes small round metal disks with indented images that when polished over, scraped, then rolled over with the stamper, can then be used to transfer the image onto your nail.  I got a set of 21 Bundle Monster plates from Amazon as well for around $18.  I've also gotten a Shany set for around $15.  

4.  Polish
Konad sells special stamping polish but it isn't necessary, you can use any polish.  I've honestly never even tried their polish.  I've seen pics of finished products and it looks decent.  Anyway, I've had the best results using Sally Hansen Insta-Dri for the stamping.  I've also used OPI and China Glaze which sometimes works well, sometimes doesn't.  I'd love to hear some reader suggestions on good polishes to use for this.  Oh, and you also need a good top coat to seal and protect the design when you're all done.  I use a Sally Hansen top coat.  

5.  Clean-up Kit
This is just my fancy name for polish remover, paper towels, cotton balls, q-tips, and or t.p.  The thing with stamping is that there is some cleanup required between stamps and at the end.  Since you're putting polish on the plate, then scraping with the scraper you have to wipe the plate and scraper with a cotton ball soaked with remover between each stamp.  Then, you also need to clean up around the nail when you're done because sometimes the stamp goes onto your finger.  Best done with a q-tip or small paint brush soaked with remover.  Also, be sure to put done some paper towels under your work area to prevent damage from spills.  I can't tell you how many times I've ruined my dining room table from remover and polish.  I banned myself from that area when doing anything nail related.

Hope you liked my Friday Five Must Have Tools for Stamping.  

Would you like to see a tutorial video on these tools in action? If there's enough interest I'd love to make and post one.  Let me know in a comment.

Have any of these?
Tried it? 
 I'd love to hear from you and hear what you use......
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I'll be sure to keep em coming :)


  1. I bought a shitty set yestrday at wal mart..just saw this and got on amazon and ordered this and that same plate :D

  2. i have never stamped my nails before, i would really like to try

  3. So have to get this! I loved when you did my nails that one day. My neighbor is big into doing her nails too SO Im thinking of getting it for her as well! Thanks for the share :))

  4. Glad you all liked the post! If you guys ever need pointers I'd be glad to help as it's a little tricky to get the hang of at first :)

  5. I love nail art and I think I will try to buy some of these products. And happy to be your 100th subscriber! Congrats! :)


  6. this is such a cool product! Nice blog.

  7. Kristin, how do the Bundle Monster and Shany plates compares? Are there design duplicates? Is the quality the same? I have Shany now, but I'm considering picking up some Bundle Monster too...

  8. Hi! I just saw your link posted in a comment on Writing Beauty, and I came on over to check your blog out, and I'm a new follower :) I'm from Makeup Talk too, KitaRei. I have the Konad stamper and scraper you have pictured (and that image plate too) as well as the Salon Express one from Rite Aid, and I just made a post about it on my polish blog I personally find the Salon Express one not only less expensive, but easier to use! (just my personal opinion) I just couldn't get my Konad stamper to work well no matter what tip or trick I tried!

    I've used vintage NYC foil polishes, the mini bottle of Konad special polish that my first kit came with, Urban Outfitters polish, China Glaze and even vintage Nail Fetish polish, all worked fine :)

    Great blog, and I'd really appreciate it if you could stop by my other blog as well, (this one is for general beauty/fashion.)


  9. Thanks Lisa! Kristen I am pretty sure there are no duplicate designs with Shany vs Bundle Monster. I lent my Shanny plates out, so I don't have them in front of me but I like both. Shany was cheaper and had cuter designs but they're both good. Renee it took me a few tries with the stamper but once I got the hang of it, it works well now. I haven't seen the Salon Express one from Rite Aid but I'll check out your post :) Thanks for following !

  10. i want to know if you can use the salon express stamper on bundle monster or shany plates...:I