Thursday, January 19, 2012

DIY Nail Polish Holder Tutorial

Have you ever seen this?:
Or this?:

     If you're a nail polishing junkie like me this is great, right?  You can polish your nails on your bed without worrying about where to set you polish bottle or spilling it all over your comforter.  Polish anywhere without worry.  
     I saw this on Pinterest a while back.  The ones pictured above are on ebay right now for around $8 ea, give or take.  After I saw the general idea of how it's structured, I thought it might be easy to re-create.  I went off to the thrift store in search of some materials.  That's when I saw this lovely candle holder and realized how perfect it'd be.  Check it out:

It has a base,(check) stand,(check) opening and support for the polish (check).  It's a little rough but with a little love and imagination this was perfect.  It only cost me 40 cents. Woo hoo! So here's what I did:

Materials needed:

  • Candle holder similar to the one pictured (metal works best because the top support can be bent to adjust the angles the polish bottle sits at)
  • spray paint
  • nail polish(bring several different bottles with you to thrift store to test candle holder opening fits)

Step one:
    Spray paint it.  We had some red Satin Krylon at home.  Valentines Day is coming up so I was cool with red :)  Use whatever color and finish you like.  I had to do it indoors because it was snowing like crazy outside so I put it in an old diaper box, and sprayed each side and let it dry.  Do this somewhere well ventilated!!

Then I had this:

Step Two:
You're basically done at this point.  All you have to do is insert polish, and since it's metal, you can bend the top to adjust the angle that you want the polish at.  Just don't pull too hard or fast, you don't want it to break.  I also store a cotton ball or q-tips in the candle area for quick touch ups sometimes. It does the same exact thing as the ones for sale, frees up both hands, and holds poilsh.  You can add a wider bottom base to make it more tip/spill proof by gluing a container top to the bottom of the base making it wider.  It works like this, believe me I use it.  Mostly, I hold it between my knees when painting in bed or on the couch making it way easier to polish.  I added a picture for an example. When you aren't using it, add a candle if you want :) just up-cycled an old candle holder.  You go green girl :)
Hope you like it! 

Here it is with the cotton ball and and adjusted to a slant:

Here it is in use seated, I hold the stand between my knees:
(much safer for my clumsy self than holding the bottle between my knees)

Here it is with a wider base attached to the bottom for use on beds, etc:

     Hope you liked my DIY nail polish holder tutorial.  This was super easy, inexpensive, and effective.  Thanks for reading!

Tried it?
Will try?
Hate it?

Let me know what you come up with. I'd love to see your versions!



  1. This is awesome!! Thanks for posting!!

    xoxo, ALexa

  2. Super Clever! so going to have to whip up one of these! I'd love it if you'd link up at my new Pinned it, Made it! Party tomorrow! Its for all pinterest inspired projects!

  3. OMG this is genius!! Great job!! I'm going to have to start looking for materials to make my own!!:)

  4. what a good idea! Just to let you know i have awarded you a versatile blogger award here:

    Becky x