Tuesday, January 31, 2012

MAC Idol Eyes Swatch and Review

     It's been a while since I've gotten a new MAC product since I've started exploring lots of different brands.  MAC has always been a favorite of mine because the quality of their products is never disappointing.  Can I get an Amen MAC lovers :)  I actually won a blog giveaway at Beauty Makeup Addict. Can you believe it?  Lucky girl right!  I never win anything. I got to chose an eyeshadow and a lipstick. Woohoo! 
     I picked Idol Eyes shadow.  It's described on the MAC site as a,"silver violet with gold(lustre)".  In the packaging it looks to be a silvery color.  When applied to my wrist to get a swatch, you don't see much.  However, when foiled (applied with wet brush), the pigment and color is amazing!  In the first picture you can slightly see the first dry application below the foiled application.  Check out the color:

Friday, January 27, 2012

FAIRYDROPS Scandal Queen Mascara Review

     FAIRYDROPS mascara was created by Japanese anchorwoman, Aya Yasuda, wanting the look of gorgeous, noticeable lashes. She worked hard and came up with this winning combination of a now patented crescent  moon wand, and conditioning formula.  It's a number one selling mascara in Japan.  Lucky for us, Sephora snatched up the exclusive selling rights of FAIRYDROPS Scandal Queen formula in the U.S., and us girls can now join the loyal following. Check out this cute little mini comic of  FAIRYDROPS beginning.  

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wordless Wednesday- Take a Tropical Mental Vacation

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

100 Follower Brightside Beauty Giveaway!

     I feel so awesome having reached my first 100 GFC followers last week that I am spreading the love with my very first Brightside Beauty Giveaway!  A big thank you to all the support of my friends and readers, new and old!  Although sometimes my posts are silly, serious, or out there, I really take pride in my writing and try to present my posts in the same way I'd sit and have a conversation with my best friends.  I look forward to giving more as time goes on.  Now on to the giveaway already......

Sunday, January 22, 2012

the Balm Hot Ticket Nail Polish- Don't Pink and Drive Review

     In my January Glam Bag I received the Balm's Hot Ticket nail polish in Don't Pink and Drive.  My experience with the Balm so far is minimal.  I picked up a Shady Lady palette I was ogling for my boyfriend's sister as a birthday gift.  She said she really liked it.  I loved the colors in the palette so I may try it out if I come across it again.
     Anyway, back to the polish :)  I normally don't go for such bright , pepto bismal type pinks.  I lean more toward a pastel or pale pink when purchasing, so I wasn't  over the moon about the color I got.  When date night rolled around Friday night, I had bare nails so I decided to give it a go.  I quickly put on two coats and had to skip a top coat because my little one was not feeling mommy's little "me time" while she was still awake. 

Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Five Must Have Tools for Nail Stamping 101

     I love nail art, and a great  way to do a bit of DIY nail art is with stamping.  There are a lot of products out there geared toward nail stamping, but in today's Friday Five Must Haves I am listing products that I've used,tried, and recommend when stamping. 

1 & 2.  Stamper and Scraper  
Before I started stamping, I did a little research and found this lovely stamper/scraper set from the brand Konad.  They're both manual tools.  The stamper is double ended, one for smaller designs, and the other side picks up the larger.  The scraper is a small basic metal ended scraper. You use it to scrape excess polish off the plates before picking up the design with the stamper.  I got my set from Amazon for $3.00.   

Great Start to a NewYear: I Got Two More Awards and Won a Giveaway!

What a week! This is award number two and three this week! So awesome! I also won the MAC giveaway here: http://beautymakeupaddict.blogspot.com/.  A big thanks to Beauty Makeup Addict!  This year started off rocky but I must say, good things are coming my way.  So happy! My fellow bloggers, Jess @ Make Up by Jess and Becky @ Beautiful the Best and the Rest have both awarded me the Versatile Blogger Award! !!  Thanks so much ladies! Check out their blogs!
It's great to hear that other good bloggers enjoy what I am writing/posting! It's good encouragement to keep doing what I am dong.  
Here Are The Rules:
You must Thank the person who gave you the award, including a shout out with a link back to their blog.
Share 7 random facts about yourself.
Send the award to 10 other bloggers whose blogs you love and let them know about it.
Seven Random Facts About Me:

1. I have scars from when I was burned as a baby by a pie on my forehead and face.

2. I am a mystery shopper.

3. I believe in ghosts and sometimes get freaked out by strange noises, etc.  :)

4. I have a bow tattoo and a butterfly and want more. 

5. I fear my daughter's teenage years because I know how my sisters and I were.

6. I start school the 31st to become an esthetician :)

7. Whenever I go camping there must be a restroom facility because I can't and won't tinkle outdoors! (lol, Hey it said random)

i pass this award to:

I love these blogs!!
A big thanks again to Becky and Jess for this cool award!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

DIY Nail Polish Holder Tutorial

Have you ever seen this?:
Or this?:

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wordless Wednesday-Tour My Make Believe ModCloth Closet

I got a Blog Award !!

     I am so psyched that Steff from: Steffani's Merry Makeup & Beauty Blog ,has picked my blog for this very cool award. Thank you Steff! It's my first blog award! This award is given to new bloggers with under 200 followers and is also a great way for people to make new connections.  So check out Steff's awesome beauty blog, and follow along!  Thanks again Steffani :) You made my week!

There are a few things I have to do now that I have received the award...
1. Thank the Liebster blog award presenter on your blog!
2. Link back to the blogger who awarded your blog!
3. Copy and paste the award to your blog!
4. Reveal your top 5 blog pics! 
5. Drop by your top 5 pics and let them know you have chosen them by commenting on their blog!

Here are my picks:

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

MyGlam January Glam Bag

     I've been stalking the mail man since I got my delivery email for my first Glam Bag.  If you aren't familiar with MyGlam it's a beauty subscription company started by Michelle Phan, YouTube makeup tutorial guru.  Like other beauty subscription programs you pay a monthly fee and receive a few beauty products to try at home.  This program is only $10 monthly and you receive a Glam Bag, (makeup bag), and deluxe samples or full size makeup products.  They usually send 4-5 products.  Their website then has tons of info and tutorials centered around the featured products for the month.  I was able to get a subscription when they opened up a limited number back in December.  I am pretty sure December was the first bag they sent out.  I decided to get on board when I saw the brands that were affiliated.  So, for ten bucks a month, sure I'd love to try some new products.
     So on to the goods:

Monday, January 16, 2012

Hey Girl. Are You Laughing at Ryan Gosling?

    I sure am. Today I was doing my thang on Pinterest when I came across this hilarious Ryan Gosling photoshop quoted photo.  I was literally laughing out loud at how silly it was.  I googled more and found this really funny blog full of them.  So, you get to giggle and drool over the pictures at the same time.  What could be better?  You have to check it out for a good laugh, it's  Handmade Ryan Gosling .   There's also another called Quilt Dad with some even funnier. Here's a few of my fav's from Handmade Ryan Gosling:


Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Five Must Haves for Second Day Hair

     Did you know that washing your hair daily strips the natural oils from your hair/scalp and can lead to breakage?  Not to mention all the heat damage from blow dying and styling daily.  Today's Friday Five Must Haves are for maintaining unwashed second and third day hair, so you can save some time and  your tresses by skipping a day of washing.

1.  Tresemme FRESHSTART Dry Shampoo
     I have hair that is on the thinner side and tends to get oily if I skip a day of washing.  Since I have bangs that's a no no.  Dry shampoo really does miracles to my hair!! No joke. I use it every time I skip a wash  I've tried tons of brands from Kevin Murphy to Oscar Blandi.  This one from Tresemme out does them all.  Not to mention it only costs around $2.50-$4.50 depending where you buy it. It gives me a boost of body, takes away the greasy look, and makes styling second day hair easier.   

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Just Wing it - Cat Eye Look :)

      I've been experimenting with cat eye looks lately.  The more I do it, the farther I tend to wing it out.  I think I am testing the waters to see how dramatic I can go and be comfortable.  It's an older picture but, the day this was taken I was waiting for a scared/disapproving, "whoa" from someone because I still wasn't sure if the look was really working on me.  When I'm experimenting with a trend I usually feel a little silly for the first few wears.  Anyone else have that?  Think about the first few times you wore skinny jeans.  Right?  You love the look on everyone else but you just aren't sure if you can pull it off.  Feels a little weird but fabulous at the same time.  It's something that you just have to get used to.  On this particular day I got some good reactions so, I decided the cat eye will be sticking around and I'll just keep practicing that tricky wing :)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wordless Wednesday Fun- 10 Man Repellants

Monday, January 9, 2012

A Wardobe for your Lashes? Sephora's Lashstash Review

     One of the many reasons I love to shop for beauty products at Sephora are their combination sets, gift sets, and value boxes.  Sephora's Favorites Lashstash was one of several I picked up recently during their after holiday beauty sale.  (It's still going on !!!...http://www.sephora.com/sale )  Their sets just have an array of different products, sometimes from one brand, sometimes several, all to try for a great price.  Here's Lashstash:

     At originally $45(on sale for $32), you get $133 worth of mascara.  I was so pleased when I opened this because you think sampler, you think tiny, right?  These are awesome!  It comes in a sparkly pink display/holder that opens like a wardrobe.  There are two full size mascaras, and the rest are deluxe sample size, four new to the market, and one deluxe size makeup remover.  Check it out:

Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Five Must Have Motivators to help Get/Stay Fit in 2012

     We have all been there at some point.  Listing our New Year's resolutions, and scribbling down tone up, lose weight, hit the gym more often, or lose that muffin top.  This year, tone up was my number three resolution, so I know I add it to my list every year.  Whether I stick with it is another story. 
      We all want to come in the new year healthier, happier, and radiant, and for most people that means taking better care of their bodies through exercise.  For me exercise comes in spurts throughout the year. I get motivated for a month or two then lose interest, only to pick up again a few months later.  When I'm in the zone I feel great!  Working out really makes you feel better, and want to eat better. Motivation  has got to be the biggest "jock blocker" in getting and staying fit.  It will never happen without that inner push getting you up out of your seat and on to a treadmill.  Believe me, I know first hand.  Thankfully motivation comes in many forms. Check out my Friday Five must Haves to Motivate you to Get/Stay Fit in 2012:

1.  Visuals 

  • Are you worshipping that hot high school pic of you looking thin and gorgeous wishing your body was the same?  
  • How many times have you seen that Victoria's Secret Swim catalog and wished your body looked like those lucky ladies?  
  • Do you have a gorgeous friend with a rockin body that you secretly wish you even slightly resembled?  
  • Or on the other end of the spectrum, do you have that horrible pic /pics of you looking bloated or pregnant when you're clearly not because you have a martini in hand?  
All of these visuals are great motivators to get you off your butt! Find pictures or inspirational quotes and post them on your fridge, office, car, bedroom, bathroom, wherever the heck you will see them as reminders of what you want to look/feel/ or be like.  For me, seeing a gorgeous girl in a bikini makes me want to get up and do lunges all the live long day to look like that.  We've all seen biggest loser, the body of your dreams can happen for anyone :)

( A great free resource for motivating visuals: Pinterest . Their Fitness Category has great images and videos from all over the web)

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Check out this Giveaway Happening at Makeup is My Medicine

     There's a great giveaway going on over at another blog called Makeup is My Medicine.  There's a big stash up for grabs so check it out, you have until January 13th:


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Hair! John Frieda Precision Foam Colour Review

       I am excited to see home hair dye taking a different approach for all of us do it yourself-ers.  John Frieda's Precision Foam Colour is the first to make box dying easier than ever with it's foam consistency.  I usually go for inexpensive,  nice shade, and easy to use when I chose a hair color.  I was really psyched to try this hair dye for one, because it's a lot more expensive than the brands I normally buy, and two because it was foam.
     The first thing I noticed was that there were far less shades to chose from compared to other brands.  The site says that they offer 20 different shades but the store was only stocking maybe 6.  This retailed at $12.99 at Walgreens where I got it, but I did have a free promo card from John Frieda, so I used that for my purchase.  I got 3N Deep Brown Black.
     When I opened it up, here's what it included: