Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Maybelline Baby Lips Review

     The makeup forums have been buzzing about this new lip balm from Maybelline.  I haven't read any reviews on it since I wanted to form an unbiased opinion on the product myself.  Here is what I found.  


Product Claim :

• Visibly renewed lips and 8-hr hydration
• The secret: Exclusive lip renew formula with SPF 20
• Protects and moisturizes lips for a full 8 hours
• After 4 weeks, lips are visibly renewed and  reborn
• 6 varieties

     I decided to go with Baby Lips Grape Vine, because I like grape flavors and scents.  It was easy to open, fits right in my purse or makeup bag, and has cute text graphics.  Other than that, there was nothing all that spectacular about the packaging.

Where to get it:
     Baby Lips should be available in drugstores and anywhere Maybelline products are sold.  However, the first time I went to Target to purchase this it was completely sold out.  Every variety was cleared off the shelves.  That gave me the impression that it must be good stuff.  It could also have been due to the fact that Target has a printable store coupon for a dollar off and paired with a printable Maybelline coupon, it's totally free!  On my second trip it was back in stock and I paired my coupons and got it free. Yay!

First Impression:
     The lip balm went on nice and smooth and I got a yummy whiff of grape scent.  There wasn't any hint of color, so it went on clear.  I was hoping for a little of the berry color from the balm to be visible on my lips but no such luck. My lips felt soft but after about five minutes or so they felt more dry than before I used it. 

After 1 week:
     I have been using the Baby Lips in place of my usual lip stuff for a little over a week now to really test out this product.  I have to say I am a little disappointed.  Every time I use it, after five minutes or so my lips feel drier than before.  My other balms never seem to do that.  I am a  little confused since the claim is 8 hr hydration.  Maybe if you keep re-applying it?  You have to since it makes your lips feel dry. 

     The price was right, I was very pleased with the scent, and the fact that there is SPF 20, but other than that, it won't be replacing my usual choices for lip balm.  Maybe it's best used on chapped lips over a long period of time?  I just wasn't happy with the matte dry feeling it left on my lips only 5-10 minutes after applying it every time.  I probably won't recommend this over other types and won't buy it again.  I will be giving it a full four weeks to test the product claim, so stay tuned to see if my experience improves or stays the same.

Maybe you'll have better luck?  If you've tried this product let me know what you think in a comment below.  I'd really love to hear some other opinions because I know there are so many people who like this product.  I know I am probably not the only one who wasn't feeling it either, so please don't be shy and tell me about your experience with Baby Lips.  I'd also like to know what are some of your other favorite balms?  

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