Friday, December 2, 2011

Home Hair Dye Like a Pro

     Don't like spending tons of cash on a salon coloring?  Me neither.  I have been box dying my hair since high school.  I have a system now and it works pretty well for me.  I have darker  brown hair and as long as I am not trying to go a lot lighter, box dying works just fine.  Going to a salon is even better, but we all want to save what we can this time of year.  
      I recently came across an article on one of my favorite websites on how to home dye your hair like a pro. One idea is the use two different colors.  A lighter and darker.  I had never thought of that, or really knew to try it in one sitting.  I've been wanting ombre hair color and my hair dresser has been telling me every time I see her that she dyes her roots a dark shade then pulls a lighter color through to the ends and it gives the illusion of volume.  It really does because her hair always looks thick and full.  She also says that it's less maintenance because she can just touch up the roots as it grows out.  It's not an ombre article link that I'm posting, but just great at home hair dye tips.
     It's a little extra money to spend on a second box but it' still way cheaper than a salon job.  We ladies have tons of appearances to make around this season, so who doesn't want to save a little dough around the holidays? So, here's the link.  There are some great tips!  Hope you like it, I'll be trying it myself ...(btw Love this site)Hair-color-how-to

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