Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Harajuku Mini Woobie Hoodie Set Review

     Singer/designer Gwen Stefani created a new children's clothing line for Target stores called Harajuku Mini.  It includes accessories and outfits in infant up to tween sizes for boys and girls.  The line was inspired by the fun, playful clothing in Japan.  

This set was $30.00, but my sister sent it to my one year old for Christmas so, thanks Aunt Danielle!  The line ranges in price for their other items. 

Product Info:

Woobie Hoodie Set

  • Number of Pieces: 2
  • Includes: Pants, Hoodie
  • Sizing: Infant (12 - 24 Months) Sizing
  • Material: 100 % Polyester
  • Closure Style: Zipper, Pull-On Closure(s)
  • Sleeve Style: Long Sleeves
  • Garment Length: Ankle
  • Care and Cleaning: Tumble Dry Low, Machine Wash Cold

(Product Info from http://www.target.com)

Ours was sent as a gift which meant it was wrapped so that was fun for Harlow to open :) Otherwise, it comes with a cute little hamburger shaped tag attached.

Where to buy it:
This can only be bought in Target stores.  Possibly eBay?


  • We loved how soft and cozy the material was to the touch.  
  • It was easy to put on her considering she's a wiggle worm, this slipped right on.  
  • It's a really cute design, she looked like a little Panda in it.  The pink writing on the back, "Stay Cute" added the perfect girly touch.  
  • We have wood floors, and even with her crawling around all day on them the material held up perfectly.  


  • We live in colder winter climate and it was nice and thick to keep her warm but almost too toasty because she started to sweat after a few hours so we just removed the hoodie and she had a onesie underneath.  
  • The website says it's machine washable but the label says to hand wash? Having to hand wash a child's outfit is  kind of a pain because they get things dirty so easily and often.     

The overall experience we had with with this item was great!  My daughter loved it, and I loved it.  The super soft material held up great and it's so dang cute! It was a nice change from the pink,purple, butterflies, flowers, and ruffles that's typical for baby girl clothing. feeling the soft  The fact that it was easy to get off and on was great too because it can be a task to get some baby clothes on her.  She doesn't want to sit still for buttons and layers and snaps.  It ends up a battle and I was relieved this was so easy :) Although this is the only items we've tried in this line we would recommend it to a friend and are more willing to buy more pieces. 

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