Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday Five Must Haves to Ring in the New Year

     It's the last Friday of the year, and if you're armed with today's Friday fives you will be set for New Year's Eve.  Whether you watch the ball drop from your couch or toast at a bar top under a disco ball, check these must haves off your list before the clock strikes midnight:

  When you're planning your New Year's Eve outfit anything goes!  As long as you are comfortable and feel super gorgeous go for it.  But what's New Year's Eve without a little sparkle?  Add a blinged out hair clip or head band,- rock a sequin dress, shorts, or skirt, -wear those giant cocktail rings sitting in your jewelry box,- dust that body glitter on the girls.  Even if you and your grandma watch the ball drop from your love seat, adding a little sparkle to your ensemble will keep you shinning into 2012.  

"I'm just trying to change the world one sequin at a time."   Lady GaGa

  2.  Some Bubbly!
     I'm not saying you have to be poppin bottles all night, unless you want to, but pick up a bottle of champagne to toast the great things to come in 2012.  Not a drinker? They make some fabulous non-alcoholic versions or pick up some sparkling cider.  Even as a kid,  I remember making a toast with my sparkling juice in plastic champagne glasses.  It's tradition to toast the New Year, so do it your way.  Also, make sure if you are getting tipsy that you have a sober ride home, so that your 2012 isn't spent nursing any injuries.  Body casts aren't that hot.    

 3. Partner/Partners in Crime
     Whether it's aunt Jenny, your bestie Ruth, your hubby, your dad, your cat Fe Fe or all of the above in the same room, celebrate with people you love, and someone you can have a fun night with.   Discuss resolutions, memories of the year, laugh, dance, play games, eat and just have a great time doing whatever it is you enjoy.  Don't forget that someone to kiss when the ball drops :)

4.  A Great Pair of Heels
  Nothing brings out your inner bombshell better than a sexy pair of heels.  Amen.  I will have to literally dust mine off, sad right, but they will be making an appearance even if my butt stays home.  I'm not sure I'd suggest brand new pair since you do want  to make it from cocktail hour to midnight without getting blisters.  Not the heel type?  I just saw a cute pair of nude flats at Forever 21 yesterday with jewel and feather embellishment at the toe.  That'd also check the sparkly off your list :)  Whatever your style, rock those fabulous shoes to help boost your New Year mood.

5.   A Great Attitude
     This is something we can't buy at the store or get from someone else.  Just try to think, it's going to be a new year right?  Even if 2011 was the ultimate shit storm year of your life, 2012 doesn't have to be too.  Reflect on the year and what could be done differently or repeated to make this, and all the years to follow, the best of your life.  Surround yourself with positivity and if your Debbie downer friend wants to spend the night complaining leave her ass at home.  Say goodbye to 2011's drama with a smile, if you had some, and think happy thoughts :)
    New Year's Eve tends to be one of the most hyped up days of the year that most people end up disappointed that it wasn't all that they had hoped.  Don't expect something from a  movie.  Just have fun in the moment, with whatever you're doing, even if it's sleeping.  

"You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take."  Wayne Gretzky

Have a sparkly, bubbly, social, sexy, and happy New Year!!!!


  1. Such a great list. I am in completely agree. I also love that skirt and those heels.

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