Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Five Must Have Holiday Hair Styles

    If you still have to make the rounds for holiday parties this year, or just hitting the town for a night, here are five hot holiday do's worth trying.  From naughty to nice you're bound to make an impression.  And remember, what ever look you chose, work it!  When you feel beautiful it shows!!

1.Waves- Sleek gorgeous vintage waves or effortlessly un-done beachy

 2.  Unexpected braids:
If you can't decide whether to wear it up or down, just add a pretty braid- ( tutorial)

3. Sleek and Sultry-  When you want your outfit to shine, keep your hair simple and sleek

4. Short and Sassy- Whether you sport a faux bob or natural crop, short is sexy! 

5. Spice it up with Color- Full on vibrant hues or temporary tips, there are so many new options to add pretty pops of color  

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