Monday, November 14, 2011

Stay Warm in Style

Cozy at Home
     Since there is a chance of lake effect snow here this week I thought I'd put together my stay home and lounge list: 

  • Hot cocoa,check. It's my cold weather staple so we already always have that stocked.  It's usually swiss miss but sometimes I'll treat myself to a fancier brand. 
  • Dog foot warmers, check.  We don't have a cat but we have two dogs that always keep our feet cozy when we lay on the couch.  
  • Victoria's secret thermal long jane, yes please-need to get! So cute and warm! Can buy here. It'll be on my list for Santa.
  • Comfy boot slippers, yes please! Need to replace the one's I've been wearing out for the last couple years :) Can buy here
  • Cable knit robe, yes please!  The one I have pictured is a bit more expensive than I'd spend for a robe, but maybe I can find a cheaper version.  Buy this Juicy robe here
  • Lastly, a chunky cozy scarf, check!  I don't own the one pictured You can get it here , but I do have a couple warm scarves, that yes I do wear around the house to stay warm :)

     What are your stay warm around the house go to's or wish lists?  Let's hope cabin fever can be made more exciting with some fun fashion picks this winter.  By the way, I made this  collage at .  It's a lot of fun and gives some great fashion ideas and tips so check it out.  


  1. Oh my gosh. I love those pajamas! Those are absolutely amazing.

  2. thanks for the new website. I love it!