Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sherpa Lined Plaid Vest- DIY Tutorial- No Sew

     I am a magazine junkie!! Fashion, cooking, crafts, gossip, and just about anything that I think is interesting.  In the November issue of People Style Watch, this super cute belted, plaid, wool vest really caught my eye. (That's a mouth full!)  Here it is:

Cute right?  The $58 price tag, not so cute. The more I thought about it, I realized I had an old plaid zip up that the sis in law gave me but  I accidentally shrunk in the dryer :( Opps!  It was really only the arms that became too tight, so minus the arms and yay, I could make this.  No more wasting away in the clothes heap for this zip up.  So, here is  what the original looks like:

It is a Self Esteem zip up, with a cowl/ turtle neck type collar.  When zipped open it lays similar to the vest in the picture.  So I thought, cut the sleeves, line the collar in Sherpa.  Sherpa and shearling lined coats, jackets, sweaters, and boots are trendy in the winter months.  So, says my magazines :)  So you can do this for anything. Check out what I did:


  • Fabric glue, (I used my trusty Fabri-tac)
  • Sherpa material ( I got 1yd which was way more than needed so measure your collar to see what you need, can be pricey but I got it 50% off with a coupon)
  • A zip up, or jean jacket, or biker jacket, ( any piece you want to line with Sherpa) 
  • scissors
  • paper
Step one:
    After a few failed attempts of free handing, I wisely decided to make a template of the collar to use when cutting the fabric.  I used plain old fax paper and cut it out, and taped it together:
Step two:
     Take your Sherpa  fabric and lay flat right side up.  Lay your template over it and pin it down.  You can trace around it with chalk or marker, then cut it out.  Or, just cut it out around the template like I did..  
  Step three:
     Now you want to take your lining, lay it down on the collar all matched up, and start to glue it down.( I should mention I kinda singed the edges of the sherpa with a lighter before gluing to prevent fraying and falling apart, but do this at your own risk, not mandatory)  I started in a corner of the under side of the Sherpa and dragged the glue all along the edges in a continual line .  I added lines of glue length wise as I went.  Press down as you go to make sure it's adhering. Work from on end to the other. You basically just want to glue the Sherpa on top of the collar.  Make sure you glue all the edges  down.  Let it dry and you are almost done! 

Step four:
     Lastly, if you're making yours a vest, cut the sleeves.  You can do this first if you wish.  I was too excited to get my lining on.( use the sleeves for leg warmer/ boot socks--Click for my tutorial)  I left mine a cap sleeve, so it's not really a vest exactly, but I still may cut them off all the way.  

All done! yay! So, enjoy, and let me know what you come up with!  Here it is in action:

You can belt it ...

Zip it...

Unzip it....

Or layer it...

Have fun with it!!!!!!!!!!
My DIY by kaquino21 featuring a drape vest

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