Thursday, November 10, 2011

How to Make a Framed Earring Display

     Christmas is right around the corner and this year is going to be a DIY gift year for me.  I have some great ideas for my friends and family that will be fun and best of all, staying in budget :) Woo hoo! 
     One of my favorite new projects are DIY Jewelry displays.  This one will be hard to part with because I have a particular liking to this frame.  It's just so pretty to me and it was only $2.50!  I got it at a vintage shop that looked more like a hoarder/garage sale in a store front.  The little old woman had on the cutest cat-eye glasses straight from the 50's or 60's.  Very cool! So any way, I may just call this a practice piece and keep it as a model for future displays that I make for gifts ;)  Here's what I did:

     Not sure I am completely finished?  I may add some embellishments to the frame and tie a big ribbon to hang it from but this what I have so far.  Here's how it went:

Materials needed:

  • A pretty frame
  • Rug Canvas
  • Fabri-tac glue
  • Ribbon

Step one:

     The rug canvas came folded in the packaging so I actually laid it out flat first with some heavier objects on top of it to flatten it out better.  You can find it at craft stores.  So once it was laying better I marked it and cut it to fit inside the frame.

Step two:
     Next, I added the Fabri-tac glue all around the back of the frame where I wanted the rug canvas to stick to it.  I am sure you could use a hot glue gun, staples, or another adhesive.  I really like to work with Fabri-tac because it bond to wood and fabric.  Lay the canvas down over the glue and run your fingers along the sides to make sure it sticks.  Let dry and here's when it's done:

Step three:
     Decorate. Now you could leave this as is and hang your jewelry.  It's pretty alone, but I wanted to add a few different details.  Now, these types of jewelry hangers are not ideal for stud/post earring or hoops.  I wanted to be able to make it hold both.  I wove a ribbon going vertically down one side of the frame.  This can be used to pin in post earrings :)  I didn't glue this down either so it can be removed or put in a different spot if I got bored with it.
I also added a string horizontally toward the bottom to snap my hoops to.All done!

Here's what it looks like with earrings:

     Now it can be enjoyed.  Again, not sure if I m going to add any other pretty details but once it's all hung up I will post another pic. Guess that means I need to get cracking on all the prezzies I have make everyone else ;)

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