Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy Monday Musings

     Happy it's a start of a new week, and Thanksgiving week at that!  Looking forward to having my oldest home from school and lots of family time this week.  I'm finally feeling better after a little bug I caught so maybe I'll even partake in some holiday shopping madness.  
     I went and saw Breaking Dawn last night with my niece and one of my best friends.  I loved it! It's my favorite book of the four and I was really interested to see how they'd put all that craziness to life and I was pleasantly surprised :) Team Edward. I'm not ashamed to be a twenty eight year old and really love the books and movies.  I am a sucker for a great romance :) Plus, that man is hot!  

        I've also had some time last week to tinker with my new set of Bundle Monster plates.  This is the arrival I was waiting for from Amazon.  I love them!  As a nail art lover it has made it so easy to get great designs on my nails.  It took me a couple tries to get it down, and I am still practicing, but it's a super easy way to get pretty designs on your nails.  Here was my very first result:

  It was a hounds tooth print in a turquoise color, over gold.  The pic isn't the greatest with the light reflection and all, still using my iphone, but you get the idea. 

     Today, I am starting a new project, a DIY sweater skirt, so check back for a fun tutorial.  I am super excited about this one because I am loving these sweater skirts I am seeing in stores:)  Happy Monday!

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  1. OMG.. I love Breaking Dawn.. Its my favorite book as well.. I am too Team Edward!!! The man is HOT!!!