Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Diaper Bowling League

     I have been trying to find a way to reuse a lot of the containers that baby snacks, formula, and treats come packaged in.  One particular treat that my daughter loves are the Gerber puff treats.  They're little dissolving cereal type snack treats for babies.  They come packaged in these great little plastic containers.  I have been accumulating a lot, trying to think of what I can use them for.  Once I peeled off the plastic labeling, I knew right away.
     In August my nephew celebrated his first birthday.  Yay, Devin :)  We got him a cute little bowling set with pins and a ball.  As soon as I saw the label free containers I knew they would make great baby bowling pins.  They have grooves already built in, and the shape is perfect.  Start saving them up and you can have a set of bowling pins for your little one to work one their curve ball.  Here's what I did:

  • Save the containers.  
  • Rinse them out.  
  • Pull off the label. 
  • Paint the stripes in the three grooves indented on the container.  (If your little one still puts everything in their mouth, use a none toxic paint or marker) 
  • Set them up and have your little one roll any kind of medium sized ball at it.  
You can even paint numbers on them for number association games, or letters.  Great quick, free, fun toys to make for your little bowler :)  I still have some more containers to save/make for a complete set and I am sure Harlow won't mind helping mommy on this one.  


  1. That's a really cute idea. That's what i need to do with our containers.

  2. I really like this idea. I always have a ton of these containers floating around. Baby girls loves those Puffs... lol

  3. Thanks ladies! We always have tons on containers as well from formula, treats, wipes, etc. I hate to throw them away so I am trying to find ways to reuse them :) I keep the "pins" upright in a little shoe box to keep them from laying around everywhere. She gets them out whenever she wants to play with them.

  4. I love that idea!!!!! i don't buy those anymore, but i if i did, i would do that!