Monday, November 7, 2011

5 Ways to re-use a Shoe Organizer/Rack

     Good morning all!  My little one's sleep is off due to the time change so I am up and at em early today.  While she's happily munching on her Honey Nut Cheerios  I'd like to tell you about yesterday's project.

     Looks like a regular old shoe rack/organizer, right?  Well, you're right but with a little imagination what I was about to toss out was given new life.  It wasn't quite cutting it for the shoes any more.  So, I added a little spray paint.  Black Krylon, then Glitter Krylon( which photo doesn't really show):

     So next, I just started looking around my upstairs and trying to find what I could use this for and I actually came up with five new ways it could be used to display and organize some different things.  Check out what it can be used for:

1.  Bangle/ Bracelet/ watches

                              upright or flat.....

2.  Nail polish rack......

     My favorite one but took a few tries to get right.  Had one OPI casualty, took some bending here and there to get them to sit right on the wires, but love it :)

3. Earrings.....

4.  Hair accessories......

5.  Sunglasses......

This one would look better if you had more sunglasses but I've stepped on and broke at least 4 pair so I could have used this ages ago and might still have some great pairs :)

     Hope you liked my re-purposed organizer and if you have one laying around at home give one of these a try and you'll be pleasantly surprised! Happy Monday!  

Today's mission...finding a great pair of riding boots.


  1. What kind of riding? Horses?? Cool! Found you on bloggy moms welcome to blogging and hope you'll follow back at

  2. I would have never thought that there were so many uses for a shoe organizer! Welcome to blogging.

  3. Thanks ladies! @ Mommy with selective memory- they're just a style of boots modeled after equestrian riding boots. I wish they were for actual riding,something I'd love to try one day :)

  4. Great Ideas! Especially for jewelry! Stopping by from bloggymoms, I'm following you! I'll be hosting a give away tomorrow through Sunday! Be sure to stop by! Hope you're having a great day!

    xo -S

  5. I love the nail polish and earring ideas...genius! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm returning the follow :)

  6. If you are the type of person who constantly has to dig through clutter just to find the right pair of shoes, then it is definitely time to get them organized. Doing so can not only help to clear up extra space in your room but it can also provide a sense of relief.