Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Think Pink

     October is one of my favorite months of the year.  Not only because of Halloween and all of it's glory, but it's also Breast Cancer Awareness month.  This is something very near and dear to me having lost my mother to the disease many years back.  When I was out fabric shopping there was this great breast cancer fabric in the remanent section that I just knew I had to make something with.  So here is the final project:

     I am beginner at sewing, crafting, etc., but I know I want to learn.  So after following my sewing machine's manual and checking a few DIY tutorials, I came up with this lovely lined zipper pouch.  I am actually giving this one to my sister for her b-day which is also this month.  I think I may make a few more for my other sisters as well.  So here is what I did: 

What you need: 

  • sewing machine
  • 4- 5 1/2" x 7 1/2" (w x l) pieces of fabric-- 2 for the inner lining, 2 for outer
  • 1 7in zipper
  • Optional~ I found a Breast Cancer bracelet on clearance and added it as a handle/zipper pull

Step one:

Start by laying one piece of your lining (face up)on table.  Top with your zipper (face up). Width of zipper should be aligned with width of fabric lining.  Then place your outer fabric face down over top of both and pin.  
Step two:
Pin it together and sew the zipper sandwich together at the edge. This is what you have when you're done:
Step three:
Then you fold the fabric so that both are on the same side, exposing the other edge of the zipper. (Fold so you have the lining on the bottom and outer fabric face up on top) Take your second piece of lining and place it under your folded fabric face up.  Make sure you have it lined up with the top of the zipper width.  Take your other outer fabric and place it face down on top of all fabric, and lined up with zipper width.  Pin. (You're basically making your zipper sandwich again, by sandwiching your first sandwich :0).  Here's what it looks like:
Sew along top of zipper.

Step Four:
Un zip the zipper half way.  Match up both pieces of lining on one side and the outer fabric on the other and pin together.  
Step five:
Sew all 3 outer edges together on lining side and outer side except a small section on bottom of lining side.
Step six:
After you unpin, you reach through the small hole you left open in the lining and through open zipper to pull inside out.  The lining will be on the outside. Sew your little hole shut.
Step Seven:
Turn pouch right side out by pulling fabric through zipper again to reveal your almost final product.
Yay! Step eight: (optional)
I wanted to add a little something so I took apart the bracelet I got that I mentioned and added the charms to a piece of ribbon tied to the zipper pull.  You can add flowers to your pouch or whatever you want to jazz it up.  I wanted the fabric print to be the star so I went simple by adding the charms.  Hope she likes it :)

     This was a great beginning project for me.  I now have the bug :) Hope this helped you learn to make one of your own :)  Let me know how it goes. Thanks!  And, Think Pink this month!

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  1. What a great starter project! I will have to try this out once I get my very own sewing machine from santa ;)