Thursday, October 27, 2011

Jewelry Holder Frame

     I love the way that frames can dress up the simplest decor.  They can also be very inexpensive to buy at flea markets or thrift stores.  The latest project I tried was a framed jewelry holder for my niece.  She is always helping us out with last minute babysitting and playing with the girls.  She's a great young lady and I wanted to make her a little something.  
     I've seen this project done online quite a few different ways. I wanted to save a couple bucks using some things I had around the house.  Here's what I did:

Materials needed:

  • frame 
  • primer, spray paint or regular paint
  • ribbon
  • thumb tacks
  • small craft store hooks
  • an old pair of knee/thigh high fishnet stockings
  • buttons, bows, or anything else you want to use to dress it up
Step one:
     Start by laying some newspaper down and setting your frame on top of it.  Spray on an even coat of primer.  after that dries you can spray the spray paint on or paint it with regular paint.  I like to use spray paint because it's a lot faster.  I used Krylon Short Cuts Hobby/Crafty paint in a glossy black.  You can use any kind or color you want.  My first coat was a matte black but I wasn't crazy about that result.  The glossy looked way better.  You may need two coats .  

Step two:
     Once your frame is dry, cut the top off of the old pair of fishnets.  Great way to re-purpose old Halloween stockings :)  Then cut them in half length wise so that you end up with a rectangle of stocking.  This will be what the earring are hung on.

Step three:
     Start pinning your stocking to the back of the frame with the thumbtacks.  Make sure the tacks are secure to the wood nice and deep.  Try to keep the stocking as even as you can and trim it where necessary.  (The ribbon shown in the photo was added after I pinned,next step)

Step four:
     The stocking was a bit gaped in some areas right around the frame because of how stretchy it can be.  To cover this up I added ribbon around the edges of the frame with fabric glue to hide any imperfections.  It added a little color and style to it too :)

Step five:
     I scoured the craft store for something I could use as necklace hooks to attach to the bottom of the frame.  I found these little .5 inch brass cup hooks.  I spray painted them black and you just twist them into the wood.  They have the screw etching on the ends of them for easy attachment.  I had to have my boyfriend do this part because I was having a hard time getting them in.  It just needed some elbow grease :)

Step six:
     Finally, I just added some decorations.  I had these glittery buttons that I glued in each corner and I got a small wood letter from the craft store in her first initial.  I spray painted it black.  Then added another button to the initial, and tah dah! All done!  Here's the final product:

   This was a super cute, and pretty simple little project.  Once she gets it up with jewelry on it I'll post another picture :)  I plan to make more of these with different materials for Christmas gifts.  Have fun with it and let me see how yours turns out :)


  1. Great project. If I didn't already use a bulletin board for this same idea, I'd do it.

    Another idea for you. If you remove the word verification widget, it will make it faster and easier for people to comment. I removed mine years ago and have never had any problems. Just a thought.

  2. Thanks for the tips Coleen. I didn't even realize there was a word verification on so I have already removed it. Thanks!