Friday, October 28, 2011

How to Make Leg Warmers from a Sweater- DIY Tutorial

     Baby, it's getting cold outside :)  Building up an unpredictable weather tolerance is a must for living in North East Ohio.  I remember Halloween a few years back was warm and 70 degrees or so, and one year there was sleet.  You never know what to expect until the week of.  Today it's about 40 degrees right now, so it's definitely getting chillier.
     I love the trend of knee high or thigh high socks peeking out from under boots.  It's a fun, cozy, sexy cold weather layering effect.  We all know you can go spend $10 or more at the store to buy a pair, or you can try to make your own like I did.  The outcome was so easy, cute, and free because I used an old sweater I already owned. Yay!  Mine was more of a leg warmer worn under boots to give the knee sock effect.  Just as cute and warm as a full sock. Here's what I did:

Materials needed:

  •  an old sweater or sweater vest  (any knit or pattern would work, the funkier the cuter)
  •  sewing machine optional
Step one for no sew:
     First take an old sweater that you dont' mind cutting up.  You can either cut off the sleeves at the shoulder, or use the waist like I did.  Now, my sweater was cut at the arm because I used it for something else so I wasn't able to use the arms.  The arms would be WAY easier! You just cut them off and there is your leg warmer.  One step and done.  The wrist of the sweater is where you pull it up to your knee and you trim the bottom according to where you want it on your leg.

Step one- sew method:
     But, if you're like me and can't use the arms or are working with a sweater vest then your step one is to cut down the middle of the sweater.  Then across to make two separate pieces.
Step Two:
     Next you want to turn the pieces inside out and wrap around your leg to get an idea of where to pin and sew for them to fit your leg.  Then you pin it, and sew it.  It will taper in toward  your foot of course.  Just do your best.  they look cute slouchy as well so when  you're pinning allow for seam and any slouch you want your leg warmer to have.       

Step Three:
     Last, turn them right side in and you're ready to work it.  Cuff it, slouch it, have just a little peek out, wear it any way you like.  You can even embellish them with buttons or bows along the side, any way you want.  Im so excited to try it with a chunky knit, a patterned or striped one, the possibilities are endless.

     Have fun with it and let me see what you come up with!


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    You might have to join s-b before you can assess that, tho'. It's a good way to pick up a few new followers. And best advice I ever got on blogging...ask people to follow. Which you did so you're off to a good start. Cheers, Coleen

  2. I cant wait to try this, Love this look! and love your boots!

  3. Thanks! The boots are from Charlotte Russe last Fall :)

  4. I just got a really cute pair for $20 from there and a hot pair of wedges for $4.99. I did the leg warmers and I cut the sleeves fits perfect on top of it my sweaters actually are cuter now with short sleevs. it was a win win situation ;)