Thursday, October 20, 2011

Caught Red Handed ;)

      I'am happily back after a bit of a creative block among other things.  Here is a new nail art tutorial.  This one is perfect for Halloween!  If you love the show Dexter like I do, you'll appreciate the blood spatter nails I've created.  I got the idea from a website and decided to give it a go. 
     It's a bit messy like other nail art that I've tried but a little preparation will save you a big clean up.  I remember using a similar technique on paper with paint in grade school.  Here's the finished product:

I dont have the best camera but it really looks, well bloody, in person.  This is great for your Halloween costume if you're something grotesque, or just to sport for fun during the Halloween season.  

Materials needed:

  • White base polish
  • red polish
  • straw
  • scissors
  • masking tape (optional)
  • newspaper 
Step One:
     Start with a couple coats of a white base coat.  Any pale color will work but white will give you the best results.

Step two:
     Put strips of masking tape around your nails to make clean up way easier on yourself.  

Step three:
     Lay some newspaper down before you begin.  Take your straw and cut it down half way.  

Step four:
     Dip one end of your straw directly into the jar of red nail polish and pull out.  Dab it on the newspaper or twist on end of jar to remove excess polish.

Step five:
     Blow into the straw on the opposite end without polish of course, over your nail about four inches or so away.  This creates a drippy, splatter effect that looks just like blood :) 

Step six:
     Once it's dry remove tape and clean up any mess on hand with nail polish remover.  Top with a clear coat and go freak people out :)

Try a couple tests on the newspaper before you do it on your nail.  It's a little tricky but you'll get it.  This was my first time trying this one and I'm sure when I do it again it will probably come out even better.

     Have fun with it! I know you'll be dying to try it ;)  muahahahaaaa   (I had to) Happy Halloween!

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